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Posted by presslake on 2015-04-10 16:37:38 CDT

VACANCIES FOR 2017 ( UPDATED Sept 16th, 2017)


Cabins are available from Sept 30 - Oct 14th

Oct 14 - 21: only cabin 7


VACANCIES FOR 2018 (UPDATED Sept 16th, 2017)

August 11 - 18: Only Cabin 3

August 18 - 25: 5 cabins 

September 1 - 8: 6 Cabins 

September 8 - 15: 3 Cabins 



Email or call if you are interested in the weeks above.  From Aug 29th on we will take any number of people for any number of days for $50 dollars per night per person.


The new camp email address is


We are working at separating the camp from my personal life and one step is giving me a personal email address. From now on, Hali and/or Ryan will answer all business emails.

If anyone wants to talk to me, my address is


September 4th (Labour Day) 

i have always thought it strange that Labour Day is a holiday.

We are getting a mix of sun and rain today but the 60 degree temp is just right. The water is low with lots of rocks showing, especially going into Hut. Lots of beach at campsmile.gif

The walleye are definitely on the humps and have been for awhile. Ryan is finding them at around 24 - 28 feet or deeper.

We have two bear hunters in camp this week and that has been keeping Ryan and Hali busy. No matter how many hunters we get, all the baits have to be checked and refreshed every day for several weeks before arrival. Time consuming.

Our road is not in good shape but  we are working on it. Some say it has been worse and the last half is better than the first. It seems to be worst around Wintering Lake as always. And that is where my 91 Chev died on Friday, stranding our cleaner. She and her dog Cache walked 5 km (about 3 miles) before being picked up by our other cleaner. The truck is still on the road but not impeding traffic til we figure out what to do with it. When it started to die, Colleen drove it into the bush parallel to the road. Smart lady!




July 26, 2017 

i think this is the first year that we have totally booked September.

The weather has been improving but fishing is still best on cloudy days with some chop on the water of course. Several groups that have been coming to Press for years claim this is the best year they've had. lots of happy people

Our biggest walleye this year so far was Emma Western's big, fat 30 incher caught near Red Rock. for those of you with Facebook, her picture with her dad and brother is on our Facebook page. for those without Facebook,  we are getting a new web page that we can manage ourselves. soon hopefully. 


June 17th, 2017

Fishing has been great this year. Weather has been iffy but that's life and there is generally good and bad weather every week. The fish always bite best when the weather is the worst of course. Road is bad but we are working to get it in better shape.

It has been a very busy opener from a work perspective but hopefully we will soon get some time off. Both riding lawn mowers died so Ryan ordered a new one but eventually he could not stand the length in the front area. He cut it with the little push mower and i raked up the cut grass. Half of the front lawn rakings totally filled a six foot truck box.

Don Smith got some crazy fish last week in the Narrows when he went out at 5am. A 43 inch northern and 24 inch walleye one morn but just crazy good fishing. At the same time other groups are catching nothing but small ones. Go figure. nothing to do with expertise. all about location and time


May 21, 2017

We moved to camp May 3rd but the computer is still in Ignace. A lot of hard work went into cleaning this year. 

Fishing on opening day (yesterday) was fabulous to spotty depending on which group you talked to. Wintering Creek produced lots of nice fish for Kaestles and our friends Doug and Laura. Ryan and his buddies picked up a few at multiple locations and ten of them brought in 37 walleye. Weather is cool and the water level is around normal.


NEWS RE ALCOHOL SALES: If you are in the habit of driving all night and buying your booze at the Silver Dollar when they open, you will be sad to know that the law has changed. The Goodrich crew were told by Marty and Theresa that they are not allowed to sell alcohol before 9am. Don't ask me why - I think it is stupid and did not even know things had changed. 


May 1st, 2017

Ryam went to camp Monday the 24th. Green grass. Then one foot of snow happened plus freezing rain .i worried of course but he and Bella seemed to have a good time. They got about eighteen inches of snow at camp and Ryan got stuck a few times tryig to get closer to the woodpile hehe. Yesterday morning, Sunday, they (well not sure how much Bella wanted to come back to town) decided to try to come home but there was still snow on the road up to the running boards. He had to make a run at several hills but made it out. We are hoping to go in for good on Wednesday.

Cold today but supposed to keep getting warmer all week til 18C on Friday and Saturday. and forecasters cannot be wrong.hehe



April 25, 2017

I went to work yesterday wearing sneakers and a spring jacket. Sure, they were forecasting a foot of snow but who believes the weatherman. Well, he came close. It is just like winter again. Not sure how much snow we got since it changed to freezing rain overnight and that compacted the white stuff. Ryan, meanwhile, operating on the same assumption re forecasting, took Bella and went to camp. I was planning to go in today and help. No way. So he is spending his time ripping up the carpet in the lodge. It is in really bad shape but Gerry and I did not want to change it just before the new owners took oversmile.gif

Supposed to continue with the freezing rain for a couple of days. I had to restart my bird feeders. The daffodils were just about to burst into flower and now the very tops of them are peeking out from the snow. But it is still April and walleye doesn't open til May 20th, Ryan's 25th birthday! so we have lots of time. 

OH! This will interest the opening week people. There is no ice on Press Lake.


April 21st

Hello again. It is starting to look like spring here. The snow is almost gone, birds are singing and we are thinking about camp. Ryan drove in on Tuesday, did some road brushing and did the same thing yesterday. We were both supposed to go in today but the frost is coming out of the road and it is getting soft. No point making it worse. We still have four weeks til opener.

There are no changes to the fishing regs that we know of. We do not sell fishing licences anymore so be sure to stop at a bait shop/licence issuer to get yours. Or you can order them on line.

The ice is probably out on Press now. It was very thin yesterday and we are at around 60 degrees here today. There is roughly 30 feet of beach right now so the water level is low but we have had next to no rain this spring. The camp appears to have overwintered

well with all the docks still in place. Road is rough and will be til we get a grader but drive slow and admire the scenery Haha

Hali has been hired by the Ignace school as Kindergarten teacher til the end of June. She is really enjoying it but will miss being at camp all week. 

She and Ryan were both busy this winter. Hali with teaching and coaching girls hockey.

Ryan (and Hali til she got her teaching job) coached the boys basketball team last semester and Ryan is helping with the badminton team this year. He has also been working on their house, painting, trim, etc. I am still working Sunday and Monday cutting meat and also volunteering around town.

We are all looking forward to getting back to camp!


March 4th

We're back! it was a great trip but we are glad to be home.

We mailed this year's calendars before we left so if you do not get yours soon, let us know and we will send one to you.


February 14th, 2017

Ryan, Hali and I are leaving today for a two week trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba. We will not have Internet access but will respond to your emails or phone calls when we get back on March 2nd.

In other news, Ryan and Hali are engaged! On Feb 11th Ryan proposed in his dad's ice hut on Paguchi Lake. Gerry would have loved it!


DECEMBER 25, 2016

Ryan, Hali and I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. It has been warm for Christmas week here, a change from the frigid temps of the week before. But that's winter! We still do not have much snow but we do have ice. 

We will be getting the calendars the first week of January and will send them out ASAP. Call if you don't get one - all the new contact addresses and numbers are on it. You can also still call me and I will pass the message on.


December 3rd, 2016

ATTENTION: Ryan, Hali and I are getting together either tomorrow or Monday to look at all the pix we have available for a calendar but we do not have much. Pix out on the lake, pix of people fishing. Or other neat pix.  Anything you have. If you could send them tomorrow or let us know you have it and will send it, we will have more choice for this years pic. Thanks guys.

We have more snow than last year but it is a mild winter so far. I am still working Sunday and Monday cutting meat at our grocery store and we did not get that many moose to cut up this year due to the reduction in tags. Cuts into our camp income as well of course but our moose herd is shrinking for reasons unknown and something needs to be done. We agree that changes are needed and I will not bore you with details but we are not convinced that restricting licenced hunters is the best way to do that.

Well, the Christmas season is upon us. I liked it when Ryan was little but try to avoid it now.  In fact, I got the Ignace Scrooge award for 2 or 3 years in a row. Only recipient hehe

But it is Dec 3 and I have already decorated our Legion, the Curling hall for pictures with Santa (decorate and take down) and tonight our grocery store.  I am scared I am going to lose my Scrooge licence!



November 18,2016

With Ithe kids away I have my granddog Bella to spoil and I am taking full advantage. Diets and no sleeping on the furniture are for parents not grammas.  I took her for a walk this morning cuz the weather report said we might get snow later. She then stayed at the house for four hours while I worked at a couple of volunteer jobs so she did not see what was happening! I barely made it homesmile.gif Our house is on the TransCanada hwy and right now there is a wall of transports lined up outside my kitchen window waiting for the hwy to be reopened. Apparently there was an accident near Upsala which shut down travel. There is so much snow I had to push the build up outside to open my door. Took Bella out for a pee and it was up to her belly and the top of my felt pacs. WHAT A CHANGE! From nothing to ploughing hehe. I cannot even blame it on Canada cuz i am reading Facebook posts that suggest the same problem is occurring in Wisconsin. I was sorta hoping that we would not bother with snow this year but ...sigh


November 16, 2016

We finally left camp on October 26th. Hali was teaching that week but Ryan and I got everything packed up and shut down. It is always a sad time but the thought of spending winter there is more frightening. We would need to clearcut the whole area to get enough wood to heat the lodgesmile.gif

Our two groups of moose hunters saw lots of moose and had a good hunt. Mort's group did not manage to fill their cow tag. The Brook's crew got a cow Monday night at Dickies corner on our road. That is the sharp corner with swamp on both sides that is sometimes partly flooded. It was named that after Dick from Valora ran his car into the swamp there for the umpteenth time. 

Getting the moose out was quite a chore but they got it back that night and hung it on our moose pole. The gut pile was left beside the road but I went out on Wednesday and it was gone. 

Ryan and Hali are now at her uncle's cabin in the Emo/Fort Frances area near the US border south of us here. Hunting deer. It is farm country so there are lots of animals around.

I have been busy with meat cutting and volunteering. My dad was in WW2 from 1939 - 1948 (stayed for the occupation of Germany after the war). He met my mom in London England so he might have stayed for that reason as wellsmile.gif. So obviously I like to help out our Legion, especially on Remembrance Day. Lots to be done with wreaths and food, etc

The weather has been so nice that we often do not even need a coat. So the bears are not hibernating. I am not complaining about the warm temps tho.


October 15th

Opening day of the gun hunt for moose. We have two groups of hunters here from southern Ontario and they each have a cow tag. Our last two groups of Wisconsin fishermen left Thurs and Friday. 

The weather today was incredible - sunny and warm with a high of 15C. For once there is no wind to speak of so Mort's group, who have already been here a week, are really liking itsmile.gif

We are trying to realize that we will be back in town within two weeks. This summer has just sped by and it is really hard to believe that it is October already! We have done no packing yet. Gerry would have had us hauling stuff already - he hates the last minute throw it in the truck and run deal. We have been caught too often with heavy and unexpected snow.  But Hali has teaching jobs and can take a load in every day she teaches and I take stuff in when I go to work so we will get everything moved. And moving twice a year is a great way to pare down your stuffsmile.gif

I would like to thank everyone who told me Gerry stories this year, expressed condolences or gave me a hug. It meant a lot to me. Even now, almost a year after his death, i am not sure I believe it. I keep expecting to see him come around the corner. Fortunately, the kids bought a side by side this year so the quads have gotten almost no use. Hearing a quad coming had all of us looking for Gerry smile.gif

Ryan, Hali and Ricky have been hauling in firewood from various locations (when they are not duck hunting) and our wood supply is lookling good for next year.

The duck supply not so much. It was a tough year with few ducks but waterfowl hunting is Ryan's main passion so they kept at it.

I have been washing blankets and comforters for two weeks at least and am now almost done. Bella is noticing that there are only two groups to beg food from and is looking very sad. Back to town :(


October 13th, 2016

Well our hunter got his bear and is a very happy guy. There are pix on our Facebook page but I know everyone does not have Facebook. I often wonder why I do. Ryan has some training in web sites from university and is going to try over the winter to finish off the website he was designing back then. We need a site we can change ourselves although our current website has this page which allows us to keep people informed on vacancies and happenings. It has been a great way to fill unexpected cancellations and to let you guys know what's happening.

Our weather. The guys here this past week have had snow twice, temps around freezing, high winds and a pesky bear that we cannot connect with who likes coolers and gas cans. And the fishing is not all that great altho Al did get a 41 inch northern the other day.

These same guys come every year at this time and have lots of fishing in t shirts stories. But not this year.

We did leave the water running one night. I awoke to minus 5 temps which is definitely cold enough to break our waterlines.

Joe was here for the archery moose hunt with some Sarnia friends (Tom Kirkland and others). They saw a lot of moose but bow hunting - you need the right shot. So they did not get a moose but they got lots of fish and grouse and had a great time. They do not drink as much as Joe so when they stopped at the Ignace liquor store enroute to camp, they bought one case of beer. Joe saw this and said 'Is that for the ride in?'. then went in and bought a week's supply of alcohol. My friend who works there was still laughing when he told me the story. Joe definitely generates good humour in people.



September 13th, 2016

I asked Ryan how many days this year we had no rain at all. He said six and that sounds about  I was able to paint picnic tables twice. Joe told me about wood and moisture content and the effect on staining and I try to wait for two rainfree days before attacking the tables. Of course the older I get the easier it is to put stuff off. I do like getting the tables done though, even though our campground is still empty for a good part of the season. We have one of the few large campgrounds in the area and there may be a reason why others do not cater to campers. There are not enough of them interested in our area. 

Everyone I have talked to since my last posting has been happy with the fishing. The weather has been good for them since the walleye seem to love rain and we have had only a few really high wind days. Gotta tell Doyle and Ron from Missouri that they just missed the hailstorm on Friday last week. They left Friday after telling me they could not come up before opener next spring cuz it would be too cold. Cold can happen anytime up here.

Ryan, Ricky and Hali are right into the bear hunt now. They have posted pix of bears from the trailcameras on Facebook. We only have one hunter this year and he arrived today. We have been out of the hunt for a number of years but are working it again to see if we can make  it a profitable enterprise. Outfitters with lots of tags can make a good living off the hunt but with us it is difficult to make a profit after factoring in the baiting time and trail clearing, hourly wages and purchase of trail cameras and attractants for the maximum of four hunters that the government allows us to take. But they are having fun trying to entice in the biggest bears.



August 25th, 2016

OK. I do not remember a month passing without an entry before. gulp!

Fishing has been good and the weather has been infinitely better than the forecasters predict. Still a lot of rain. The fish are really hitting on the humps and off Rosie's Rock.

Ron and Chris had great fishing in Hut today. Ron told me his wife Paige was using one of our deep blue jigs the past two days and she got almost no northern biting. Ron, Chris and Angie had lots of pike action but that is not always what you wantsmile.gif

The reefs in the main lake are producing and they are finally hitting off 770. Ryan says he is getting his best success fishing at 20 - 24 feet.

Great fishing reports from Hut and Rush.

Ron Hanson told me that the water appears to have dropped a foot or two since they were here in early July. He noticed the level on the big rock in the creek into Hut.

We certainly have lots of beach and have had all season so it is NOT a high water year (despite all the bloody rain)

This summer, Ryan and Hali hired Ricky, a friend, to work Thurs to Sat. It is hard to get the grass cut and looking nice for new guests when we are so busy on Fridays and Saturdays. Now it looks beautiful and Ryan also has someone to help with the road work, firewood, etc. Having someone to bounce ideas off is important too and Ricky is great for that, especially in this first year without Gerry.

The road is going down hill fast but Ricky has been hauling dirt from our pit to fill in the worst of the holes in that last stretch to camp. Big improvement. The kids bought a side by side and Rick is using it to haul dirt. He loves it and I can see why. Very versatile AND fun to drive. AND camosmile.gif



July 28th

This week has blessed us with the best weather of the year if you consider hot and sunny a good thing. I do obviously but it does not always make for good fishing, especially when the wind comes up. But there are lots of kids here this week and they are catching fish. No one is complaining about the fishing but spotty is an often used word. The spots you usually hit are dead and other places give up great fish. The reefs seem to be producing now and of course the Rock Gardens and Jarvis rapids are fairly consistent. The river to the old bridge has been good to some groups but i have not heard anything good about fishing below the bridge site. 

I spent the last two days scrubbing the black soot off the bulk gas tank and no one has noticed except me. I will give a free ice cream cone to the first person  who tells me what a great job i didsmile.gif

OK I do not understand the thought process that makes people throw their stinky old worm bedding under our decks when they leave. Is it an offering to the worm gods?

A perceived  improvement to the existing vegetation? Easier than dumping it into the garbage can? I dunno but the older I get the more difficult it is to crawl under the decks and scrape it up. SO STOP! Thanks. I feel better now hehe.

We now have three docks in the campground and I am working at getting the last of the picnic tables stained. it is a bad year for painting - too much rain and you do not want to paint damp wood. Joe taught me that. 


July 14th

Kevin, the new guy in Steve Waggoner's group, caught a 29 inch walleye yesterday in Hughes Lake. It was the third walleye he had caught in his life. He was fishing near the big rock at the entrance to the lake using a bronze spinner and a minnow. Very happy guy - getting it mounted. 


July 13, 2016

Gerry's birthday. He would have been 62 today.

Fishing is slower than usual but lots of fish are being caught. Strong winds and some rain this week are keeping more people fishing the bay in front of camp. There are lots of kids too which also shortens how far you want to travel. And two motors went down (both Mercs - can't you hear Gerry laughing). Gary Martin said yesterday that they did really well fishing just past Red Rock. I told him he would never have fished these places close to camp with a working motor. Expands your horizonssmile.gif We have groups that have been coming for years and have never left our bay. The weather is allowing more people to realize that not all of the fish are on the other side of the lake!

Ryan took John from Thunder Bay out yesterday morning to show him the location of some of the reefs and holes. It was very windy of course so they could not fish the reefs well but they got lots of nice walleye at Frank's Hole and by the rocks in the river to the old bridge. Lots of small ones this year but enough bigger fish to keep people happy. Most of the fish they caught were at 16 - 24 feet with a jig and a minnow. 

Waggoners caught a bunch of 19 inch bass in Hughes Lake this week - before THEIR motor failed.

Our mayfly invasion is long since done but they are still all over some of the lakes closer to Ignace from what I heard last week. Strange!

Gary was here two weeks ago and marked the water level with a stick. The water came up five feet past the stick in seven days. We still have lots of beach though and lots of kids using it and the sit-on kayaks.

Last week, Ryan, Hali and Rick (a friend they have helping them this summer) built the last new dock we will need for awhile. We hope! They put the new dock at cabin 7 and the greater length has made a big difference in the water level. The bay gets quite shallow there. Cabin 7 had a good dock so it went to cabin 4 and cabin 4's dock is now in the campground. There are now three camper docks - room for everybody! 

Every year we get guests with damaged trailers - bearings gone, flat tires, broken axles.

This always happens to the people who use their boat as extra storage and fill it with full gas cans, cases of beer, coolers full of food. The trailer is rated to support the weight of your boat. The extras are very hard on the trailer's suspension, especially when travelling down our road! Just sayingsmile.gif 


June 23rd, 2016

Second day in a row with hot weather and no wind. Sunday and Monday had brutal winds that made fishing difficult. This is definitely not the best year for fishing but we are getting more big walleye and a number of 40 inch northern, including one from Rush Lake!

Also a 20 inch catch and release smallie.

The walleye are not on the reefs yet of course and the old bridge is dead. Hut Lake is producing and was busy with people trying to get out of the wind. The Narrows gave up a lot of fish yesterday and Ken and Marcy Roberts caught a bunch of nice walleye while trolling in 20 feet of water off Red Rock last night. Ryan was guiding the past two days and was surprised to find the walleye at 20 - 24 feet. Fast moving water seemed to be good but that did not apply at the old bridge so who knows. Ryan went to the Rock Gardens and Jarvis Rapids and did well. The second day they got fish at Frank's Hole and up the river at the two rocks. Groups went to Hughes today and did not do well.

Many people are fishing successfully at 12 feet also and the general comment is that the fish are scattered but everyone is getting fish and having fun.

OK Harold is not getting fish but that's Harold

The water has come up about a foot since opener and there is no problem getting into Hut or Hughes. There is still lots of sand beach at camp so bring a long extension cord.


June 10th

Weather has improved and some say the fishing was better in the rain and others say it is better now. Very subjective topic fishing is smile.gif

Mike Miller, in an attempt to accommodate his dad, agreed to try fishing off the point across from Red Rock. We know from talking to guests that it is a good spot to fish  but he went in cold using his lightweight muskie rig and a big spoon. Sure enough - he caught a 41 inch northern and it was a big fat fish. Beautiful pike. He is getting it mounted of course. 

It has been a great week for weather and everyone is happy. But, if you cannot be happy on a fishing trip you need to take another look at your prioritiessmile.gif


June 9th

Two nights ago we had a forecasted heavy frost. Mabe that is why I never planted opening weekendsmile.gif. The damage was not bad actually. My zucchini plant died, the tomatoes are tipped and a couple of begonias are struggling. Everything else looks great. It is hot and sunny today and nicer all week than it has been since opener. The fish are scattered and the walleye harder to find although our camper Paul got into them big time on Hut and he and his buddy had a great time catching fish! Tom Jones with the Stauffer group caught a nice 40 inch northern but the bigger pike are in short supply this week


June 4, 2016

The weather was incredible opening week and the opposite this past week: cold, rainy, but still great fishing. We had an Iowa invasion for the second week with lots of kids.

Plenty of swimming and kayaking despite the cold weather and everyone seemed to have a great time.

The new groups coming in today reported seeing bears on our road. The most seen by one group was 5.  Everyone is now out fishing - of course. The weather forecast for the coming week is much better and hopefully we will soon be back to summer weather. Although, Jack and Lana Taylor (from Iowa), were swatting flies like crazy on their last and only sunny day. Lana said they were grateful for the lack of bugs and glad that their entire week was not sunnysmile.gif

We saw our first family of ducks and ducklings today. The turtles are laying eggs. It is spring!  And we have had enough rain to lift the fire ban. You can now have campfires at night and shorelunch during the day.... or vice versa. your choicesmile.gif


May 26th, 2016

As often occurs, we have had varying reports on the fishing but everyone seems happy. Early in the week the walleye that were caught tended to be small but we are getting fish in the high 20s now. Lots of big northern have been caught, especially by our group of pike anglers. Pat showed me the tiny hook she was using when she caught a 37 inch northern. And she had a tiny minnow tipping it! It seems jigs, hooks and small minnows are working for pike - this week at least. Dead bait is not working. Deb caught a 32 inch northern off the dock. It would not be opener without a big-northern Deb storysmile.gif

Ryan's buddy Matt Kirkwood caught and released a 40 inch northern in Frank's Hole while here for the birthday party opening weekend (Ryan is now 24). He is the same guy who got his pic on the front page of our local paper with a 29 1/2 inch walleye two winters ago. That was the first walleye of any size Gerry had seen come out of a hole in his Paguchi Lake ice hut. Gerry was impressed and super happy for Matt of course.

We have an assortment of anglers this week with some coming for the first time at opener. Mike (no last name to protect the crazy) listened to my speil about Hut Lake and how you could not get in with a boat the size of his. I was right - a normal person could not. Our camp boats can get in but the bass boats and bigger rigs - no. He has a 21 foot 10 inch boat with a 350 hp motor and has been into Hut several times this week. I have no idea how he did it but he does have a very capable daughter (Jennifer) with him and I am guessing she pulled it through for him. Hehe

Ryan said Mike's outboard has 20 horsepower less than his 1970 Corvette (willed to him by his uncle).

Water is still really low. We are getting some rain now but my rain gauge has shown a total of .5 inches since we got here. Obviously the fire ban is still on.

Wintering Creek is producing fish and Hut is hot.The rapids and Rock Gardens are good as always.

You will see flowers planted when you arrive. First year EVER that I could plant this early.

Great weather!

I know some of you might be uncomfortable about mentioning Gerry. I am the same way whe a friend's loved one dies. But I love to hear Gerry stories. I love sympathy hugs and I am fine with business as usual. So don't worry.



May 21st. 2016

Opening day of walleye and it is supposed to reach 82 degrees today. it is hot already at 9:30 and the lake is like glass. The water level is very low. Smaller boats can get into Hut but the last stretch has a lot of visible rocks and there is only about two feet of water at the entrance to the lake so be careful. Kaestles walked their boat into Rice Lake on Wednesday. Very little water there.

Everything at camp seems to be working now but we had quite a few plumbing issues over the past two weeks. Normal spring stuff.

Ryan's 24th birthday was yesterday but he did not get the day offsmile.gif and he and friends Johann and Matt are currently assembling our new BBQs. They are going fishing later in the day of course. I will let you know where the fish are when I find out.


May 15, 2016

Theoretically it is possible to get through opening camp without snow, freezing winds and frozen water lines. The weekend we cleaned was actually hot and the grass was growing. Ducks were mating. Sigh! 

Yesterday the sleet started. Last night the temps dropped to minus 5 C or 21 F. Hali noticed the water was freezing in their bathroom around 10:30 and they ran out out and turned water on at every tap in camp. Good save! The only breaks were, as usual, under their bedroom in the lodge. We still have the water running - it didn't warm up much today and we will have to run it all night again. But the forecast is for warmer and warmer starting tomorrow. 

Still no rain to help the fire situation. The closest fires to us are along the Ontario/Manitoba border so not even any smoke here.

We are glad for the extra time and extra help this year. We have gotten a lot of work donethat has been there for awhilesmile.gif

Thanks to Bob and Erika for all they did.  It was great having them visit but the work they did was incredible and very much appreciated! We also enjoyed the stories hehe

My brother and Ryan have been running from cabin to cabin fixing leaks etc, and getting everything working. Doug and Laura will be here tomorrow and my brother leaves Tuesday so we have a lot of friend and family assistance this year. Very grateful for that.



May 9, 2016

Ryan and Hali came into camp May 1st. The road was washed out close to camp but they made it through. Beavers had dammed a culvert but, with the help of Jamie, area trapper, the beaver were removed. Ryan cleaned out the culvert and he and my brother fixed the road (manual labour is sometimes the best way to do that) so we are good to go now.

We had five people cleaning cabins and we were done in four days. Everything looks good at camp - no major damage over the winter thank goodness.

The water level is low and the ice is long gone.

My brother is here from southern Ontario helping Ryan with opener this year plus Doug and Laura are coming up for  two weeks as usual. We need more help this year, the first without Gerry.

There is a Restricted Fire Zone in place right now (no campfires) but hopefully it will be removed before opener. The bush is really dry now but it is supposed to rain this week.


April 25th, 2016

Was zero degrees when I went to work this morning. Yucch. We were expecting an early spring due to the warm winter and when it didn't happen.... yup whining begins heresmile.gif

Hali will be finished University on Wednesday and she and Ryan will be home to Ignace for good on Thursday. Will check out the road within the week but if it is still really soft there is no point driving in and rutting it. We are all looking forward to getting back to camp (especially Bella, the dog).


April 8th 2016

My week in Mexico (in a Riu just north of Nuevo Vallarta on the Pacific side of the country) was hot and fun. I went with my brother, his wife, three of her sisters and two husbands  - one a pig farmer and one a beef farmer. The majority of us were or had been bus drivers (I drove school bus in Kenora) plus farming experience so we had  lots to talk about and had a great trip! Very hot though so we did not do much sun tanning. All inclusive so lots of eating, drinking, pool volleyball  and playing games.

A family from Thunder Bay was robbed at gunpoint near Mazatlan shortly after we left. Not too far north of where we were. I am thinking there are more peaceful places to vacation.

We got a bunch of snow in Ignace in the past few days but still think we will get into camp early. Fortunately the season opens a week later than last year due to the third Saturday opener. The season opens May 21st and Hali graduates from university on Apri 27th. Gives us a month to get ready. And we have lots of help before opening. It will be difficult without Gerry and thank god he did not die when Ryan was ten. The two of them know what they are doing and we will get through it. 


March 18th

I am leaving today and will be back April 2nd. I will have Gerry's iPad and his address is If you need info you can try emailing me or

call Ryan at 807-630-6943.


March 14th: 17 degrees today - about 64 F.Snow is melting fast!  BUT the temps are going to drop this week to below zero at night and one digit in the day. Fine by me!

I am leaving for Thunder Bay on Thursday or Friday to visit friends and then flying to Mexico on Monday, March 21st for a week with my brother and his wife and her sisters etc. Will be back on email April 2nd. 

I will get a contact number for the kids so that you can get in touch if necessary. If it is not urgent, just send me an email and I will repond in April. If you do not get a response though, email again or phone. I say that because i now have Windows 10 (my mistake)  and it is weird. I am not sure when I get an email and not sure if I am getting them all. If I get it , I respond. If i do not answer, phone me. 


March 13th: 15 degrees Celsius yesterday. Green grass showing everywhere!


March 8, 2016


I am in the house looking out at the rain and hail and listening to the thunder roll. It is 34F (4C) here today - in the first week of March! Apparently there was thunder and lightning last night as well but I slept through that. Frightening weather. 

Walter Barden's funeral was last Thursday. He was 82 and had been in the hospital for a while. For those who did know him or of him, Walter owned the property at the start of our road. When he got to an age where he needed to be in town, he sold it to Bob Hosch who built the two large homes and garages that occupy the property now. Walter was a well-known trapper and outdoorsman and he and his family were lifelong Valora residents. He was also Ignace's only Korean War Veteran. He will be missed!


March 1, 2016

This is one of the warmest winters ever! We have a couple of feet of snow at the most and temps are often above zero.

If it keeps up and it looks like it will, we should be able to get into camp much earlier than usual. Hali is not done university until the end of April at which time she will be a fully qualified teacher and DONE with school smile.gif

Ryan and Hali bought a house in Ignace so they do also have to deal with the moving thing but we have lots of help this spring and opener should be a breeze. My brother, a lifelong mechanic working in our father's garage and then for Bell Canada unitl he retired two years ago, is coming up from Kitchener in southern Ontario to help us with opener. He also came to Toronto and stayed with me while Gerry was in ICU and came back to Ignace with us to help with the funeral etc. It is hard to believe that I could be related to such a nice guysmile.gif

Gerry's buddy Doug and girlfriend Laura will be at camp to help as well. Laura stayed with me at Toronto General throughout the operation on Sept 29th. We got there at 6:30, operation started at 8 and ended a long 9 hours later. It was really good to have a friend present to keep my mind off what might go wrong.

Also Sandy who used to clean for us and was great friends with Gerry wants to come back to help at opener. Just to be there.

So far no changes with what you can bring in this year but who knows what weird disease might pop up. I will try to keep you informed and if you hear any rumours, let me know so i can chase them down.


Feb 11, 2016

We finally got more snow last week, just in time for the annual snowmobile run - the Poker Derby. I am processing deposits today and updated our vacancies list. You will be getting a receipt if we have received your deposit. Please check the date on it to be sure we are on the same weeksmile.gif

Don Dobransky (he used to own Castle Baits in town) died last week from cancer. He was a 62 - a year older than Gerry. I know many of you bought bait from his store. Another sad loss to the town.

Nothing new yet from our repective governments about what we cannot bring across the border. Although, if Trump gets in, will be let anglers through the wall?


January 20, 2016

We have no more snow now than we did a month ago and the weather has been around zero F until the past week or so. Even then it went only to about minus 10 F - not nearly as cold as usual and the forecast is for even warmer weather next week.

We are getting calendars back with no forwarding address notices attached so if you do not get a calendar, let us know your new location and we will resend.

We are getting calls for cabins now so if you are thinking about booking, make up your mind or you might lose out.

I am still working on the paperwork associated with Gerry's death and with the camp's year end. Fun!

I never realized how painful losing Gerry would be. I feel like half of a person. Live for today is a very good life philosophy - you don't know how long you have.

We also lost Mike Gretz this past week. - another great guy who was too young to die. RIP Mike! You will be missed!


December 31, 2015

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2016 will be a great year for all of you.

Ryan, Hali, her parents and I spent four hours putting the calendars together on Sunday  and they were mailed Tuesday. It was a big job but we had fun doing it and they had a lasagna dinner in the middle to keep them going hehe.

We have snow now but the weather has not dipped too far below zero - awesome winter!

Ryan and Hali are home til Sunday and it is great to have them here. Probably not so great tomorrow after a night at the Ignace Tavern bringing in the new year. I will try to appear sympathetic.

if you do not get a calendar within three weeks, let us know and we will resend.



December 22, 2015

I wore my winter coat to do errands today and was soaked in sweat. I love this weather. We are around zero Celsius which is very warm for us. Southern Ontario ski resorts are snow-free. Toronto is expecting rain on Christmas Day. Crazy weather. Even warmer than last Christmas and it was amazing.

The calendars arrived today and Ryan and I and the Romas family are looking forward to bonding over envelope stuffing during the Christmas season. With just over a thousand to mail, we should be well bonded by the endsmile.gif  If we do not have your correct address or any address for you, this is the time to let us know.

I will be the contact person this winter since Hali is finishing off her last year of university and Ryan is working full time.

As far as I know both emails work but I am getting only junk mail, normal for this time of year. If you email and do not get an answer, please phone and let me know (1-807-934-2607)


December 4, 2015

I think I am back but I will not be writing anything lengthly until I am sure I am not wasting my time. I recently downloaded Windows 10, either because I thought the government paperwork and money grabbing that surrounds you after a death was not keeping me busy enough or because I am just plain stupid. I vote for the second choice.

As many if not all of you now know, Gerry died Oct 24, 2015 at Toronto General Hospital. He had surgery for bile duct cancer on Sept 29th and he died due to complications from the surgery. He was doing great but it all went south on Oct 20th and he spent his last 5 days totally sedated in ICU. Joe was there with Ryan, Hali and I along with my brother and his family so Gerry knew he was loved. Now we are just trying to cope with the loss.

I will write more later if this works. About our weather for example!


Oct 2, 2015


Hey Friends and Family, Hali here.

Just bringing you an update on Gerry. He underwent surgery on Tuesday at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, it lasted aprroximately eight and a half hours, but this was expected. We are happy to report that the surgery went very well and he has began the process of healing. We got the chance to speak with him on Thursday and He seems to be in good spirits. He has been suffering from a significant amount of pain since his operation but his surgeons expected this with such a long and intense operation. They have had him up and walking around a couple times a day since the day after his surgery as they believe that this will aid the healing process. Before returning home, they will need to recieve the results from the pathology tests - the surgeons took small biopsies from surronding areas to rule out any spreading but they reported that there were no surprises during the operation so this is great news. Although he will not be returning to camp this year (better to avoid the dirt road and stay close to medical care), I am sure both he and Barbara are ready to return to the comfort of their own home - they are not much of big city people! I will do my best to keep you updated on any updates that we receive and will continue to send your thoughts his way. We truly do appreciate all the support that we have received! sad


Sept 25, 2015

It poured rain here yesterday but our courageous anglers braved the weather (very little wind fortunately). Gay Donahue comes to Press every year in July but this year he brought a couple of new guys and made a second trip. The are having a great time fishing from the Rock Gardens to the rapids. Gary said their trick is to pinch the minnows so that their guts hang out - increased their bite amazingly! Yesterday morning their biggest fish were a 28 inch walleye and a 38 inch northern.

A moose walked down the beach in front of camp the other night and it was calling - a good sign. Scott talked to a bull by the Big Island yesterday. Of course they only have a cow tag. The weather is holding and today is another completely calm day - about 10 degrees (50 F)


Sept 22, 2015

The weather this fall is incredible. Hot and sunny. If the weather god is trying to make up for screwing us out of a summer it is not going to work - but it helps!

Fishing has improved again with our one group of anglers right now reporting great fishing at Jarvis rapids - almost all 16 - 18 inches. Scott Kelvin caught a 40 inch pike on Saturday. Nice fish!

Ryan and his friend Jo have been duck hunting and we had a nice feed of BBQ'd duck breast tonight. SO GOOD! Rolled in olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic powder and then grilled til pink inside. Served with rice and fresh carrots and beans from the garden. AND Louise's homemade apple pie. THANK YOUsmile.gif

Kelvin's group are hunting and fishing and every one of them seems to be having a fantastic time. Lots of smiles!

We have two more groups arriving this week for a few day stay. Our 50 bucks a night deal in September is great for allowing people to grab a second fishing trip with no group number or week restrictions.

The gov't drastically reduced moose tags this year and closed the season on calves for the first two weeks. You can shoot their mothers tho, leaving the calves to fend off the bears and wolves. However, they are doing this to increase the moose herd so it must be a good thing. devil  We have not seen a reduction in moose populations here and actually had our best hunt ever with everyone getting their animal opening weekend. Hope it works out that well again this year.

Our road was graded earlier this year as you know and has held up really well. Despite another year of rain, everyone is still arriving with good things to say about road conditions. Must have been one heck of a great grader operator!


September 19th

We got back yesterday and it is very good to be away from the highrises and traffic!!

Gerry's operation is at 8 am on September 29th in Toronto General Hospital. The doctor doing the operation is very good (the Princess Margaret Cancer Center is one of the top five cancer centers in the world) so we think we are in good hands.The operation is 6 hours minimum with four surgeons, lots of nurses and the anaesthetist. Gulp!

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event for sure.Nine days in Toronto leaving Ryan to run the camp. He did a great job!


Sept 8th

We leave tomorrow for Thunder Bay and fly out at 630 Thursday morning. Our appointment is at 2:30 that day at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. We or I at least will be staying with Gerry's brother Dan in Oshawa, an hour away.

We cannot go without the disk containing all the treatment results from the CT scan, x-rays and ultrasound done while he was at Dryden hospital. For some reason, the hospital mailed the disks to Thunder Bay on the Thursday before Labour Day weekend. They have not arrived in Ignace so Gerry had to drive to Dryden today to pick up a new disk. Six hour return drive because they will not release them to anyone but him. Does not bode well for the future - it is a strange world out theresmile.gif.

Of course, Hali left on Sunday for her last year at University and has a math test next weekend so will not be home for two weeks. My brother who would love to help had a mini-stroke on the same day Gerry was diagnosed - last Thursday. He told me he was cutting the grass and walked by his sister-in-law without recognizing her. She grabbed his arm and stopped him. I did not realize that happened - figured you always keeled over.

We are good though. Hali's parents will be here Thursday to Sunday and Johann, a friend of Ryan's, is coming to help starting Monday.

Gerry has a very positive attitude and we are both trying to avoid speculation. We will know on Thursday hopefully!

Fishing is good according to the groups this week who have been at Press before. We have several new groups who are having a more difficult time but claim to be having fun. Weather has been great. Hut Lake is still accessilble but the fishing has died off from what it was earlier this year. The English River going up to the old bridge is producing and the Jarvis rapids are good of course.


Sept 5th

Gerry has cancer. Bile duct cancer, a fairly uncommon form of the disease apparently.

He found out on Thursday and we will be meeting with a specialist in Toronto this coming Thursday. We do not know what will happen then but will try to keep you informed.

He is in pain (but has morphine to help) and is sleeping a lot.

I cannot believe that there is any greater pain in life than discovering that the person you love has a life threatening disease.

We are both determined to fight this damn thing and I do not know if your prayers will help but they are welcomesmile.gif


The water level is dropping fast and we are no longer sure how accessible Hut Lake is but fishing is improving greatly in the main lake. This coming week will be a bit cooler with some rain, an improvement for those who hate hot weather. Its effect on the fishing is up in the air.

Sept 2nd

The weather has been great all week if you like hot and sunny. I do!  Fishing has improved and the Jarvis rapids and Rock gardens are being mentioned of course but there are lots of humps producing walleye. We can fill you in on what is hot when you get here since it is changing a lot with the crazy weather. The water level is dropping fast as you would expect with the hot and dry temps but you can still get into Hut Lake.


Gerry update: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). That is the name given to the dye treatment Gerry underwent on Aug 20th. The surgeon found a blockage in the bile duct between the gallbladder and the pancreas and installed a stent (all through a tube placed in Gerry's mouth) and took some biopsies. Then flew him back to Dryden but not for surgery. So far no gallstones have been located and the surgeon cannot remove an organ which is not defective. Sounds like a good policy to mesmile.gif But he is still in pain and bloated. The surgeon who did the ERCP orderd an MRI to try and find out where there is a blockage or exactly what is happening in there.

Gerry is very claustrophobic so he got drugs from our doctor and we drove over to Thunder Bay for the MRI on Tuesday, Sept 1st. No go. He tried. They put him in the MRI tube with a big blanket and camera over his body, closed it up and that was it. The drugs did not work so he knew he was going to have a problem. Apparently this problem occurs fairly frequently. The drugs prescribed by the family doc often do not work on severely claustrophobic or larger patients. He has to have the MRI though so we will be going through it all again but this time with stronger meds! He is staying in our house in Ignace to facilitate appointments and phone calls with the medical people and we are running the show without him. It's tough but we are struggling alongsmile.gif Worried about him but the wait and and see part is alway the hardest. He is never sick either so it is a shock to him and he assumes the worst of course. But as they say, getting old is not for sissiessmile.gif


Aug 19, 2015

Altho I got a few comments on the fact that this might be what Obama care will be, I finally proved them wrong. I think. Gerry has been in the hospital now for 8 days and the bed is killing him. Finally today they found out that the fellow in charge of appointments took off for a week. His doc worked and he now has an appointment for the dye job at 11 tomorrow in Thunder Bay. My hope is that they fly him back tomorrow (which they probably will) and then operate Thursday night. He is still jaundiced and that is a concern but we will know tomorrow I hope.


August 19th

When I got back to camp Monday night, everyone was happy. Fishing was good, great weather. Til this morning. Several groups have commented that this is the first day in all of their years fishing at Press that their boat has not left the dock.

I went down to feed the ducks around 5 or 6 and did note that a lot of people were parked on the docks with their transoms out.  The wind was not too bad then but it picked up. Jim Jaskolka came into the office about an hour later and informed me that Ryan's boat was sideways and cabin 4's boat had sunk.

I woke the kids and we got wet but got the boats turned into the wind. Transoms do not bob as Gerry says. The pointy end is there for a reason.

Fortunately we had lots of helpful guests especially Jim Jaskolka, Dave and Lesa Savage and Jeff Johnston. Probably lots more but I was water blinded by thensmile.gif

So today was a socializing day with the hope that you end it liking your cabin mates as much as you thought you did.

Do not think that will be a problem this week though. This may be the happiest group of people all round that we have ever had in one week.



Aug 14, 2015

We got 1.25 inches of rain in an hour or so yesterday. Plus hail! The weather was beautiful and then - wham! Yet the fishing was better than it had been all week - according to some people.

The bite has been weird lately, not as good as usual, but it seems to be turning around. Ryan, Hali and Gerry have been cleaning fish for the corporate group we get this week and Ryan noticed that every northern was full of crayfish. Thomas Fisher said he found the same thing.Yet the Fishers were catching fish jigging at 11 feet, trolling, etc. Not sure where crayfish hang out but I am guessing not in deep water. They like rivers and rocks.

Our northern crayfish are almost too small for us to eat but the fish seem to like them. The river up to the old bridge has been producing as has the channel from red rock to the river mouth. 770 appears to be deadsmile.gif but the Jarvis rapids area is giving up fish. Lots of small ones but over 18s as well.

The water level is dropping (despite the rain) and it is getting harder to get a big boat into Hut Lake. On the upside - lots of beach footage smile.gif

Everyone was happy with the weather this week. Hot and sunny, no wind. The younger guests spent time in the kayaks and paddleboat. One guest brought workout equipment and did pushups til I was exhausted from watching.

The road is still in really good shape.A Steve Ward Contracting grader did the work a few weeks ago and the operator was very good at his job.

Gerry update: Now they have to fly him to Thunder Bay to get dye run through him - shows up the gallstones and any scarring, etc. Then they fly him back to Dryden for the operation.

Not going to happen on Monday or Tuesday anymore. He is bored but they are feeding him now and he says the food is great! Plus he has a wall mounted TV to watch and nurses to harass. Life is good!


August 13, 2015

I hate computers. Just spent an hour updating fishing info and - gone. Will try again tomorrow - too pissed off now.

But should tell you that Gerry went into the hospital yesterday. He had been feeling horrible for weeks but cuz guys will not seek help .....

Yesterday I saw that his eyes and skin were yellow. I have had jaundice before so told him to go NOW to the doctor. You do not mess with that! Got to Ignace and the doc looked at his eyes and said "You have gallbladder trouble" He has been in the hospital without anything but liquids since yesterday morning.!!!!!! Paul, our camper friend, and I went to visit and bring clothes etc and drive his truck home but he was pretty sad.

Surgeon saw him today and he is going to take out the gallbladder on Monday or Tuesday.

Do not even try to tell me I have to wait on him hand and foot for 6 weeks. It is two weeks damn it but I can do it - I thinksmile.gif



July 20, 2015

Next year is the 7th year of the cycle and therefore it is THAT week. Your booking will be a week later next year than it was this. That happens because the season opens on the Saturday of the third week in May. If you look at the calendar for 2016 (also a leap year) you will get it. We have some flexibilty so let us know if you need to change weeks in 2016.


July 22, 2015

We are now forced to quit the practice of offering guests a 'Time and Charges" option to phone home. The way it should work is - you call and talk, then a Bell operator calls us back with the cost for the call. It goes on our bill but we get the $$$ from you. NOW - sometimes they call back. Often they don't. We get many 6 in the morning calls re costs for calls made the night before but no calls at all for many of your conversations. This does not work for us and I am sure you understand that smile.gif  We are going to buy some phone cards ($10 types) next week so that you can still phone home with it if you have no other option.


July 17, 2015

Almost everyone left early this week due to other commitments/illness in family, etc. so it is very quiet in the yard! The weather isn't great (rainy) but no high winds or extreme storms. The work crew (Ryan, Hali and Gerry) built a new dock last month to replace the one at cabin six. It was in bad shape but they managed to fix it up so that we can now use it as a second dock for the campground. We also purchased four new picnic tables to replace the worst of the existing ones. And a new volleyball net. So, despite the weather, we are getting work done. Always something that needs to be done thoughsmile.gif


July 15, 2015

It has been a great year so far! We could sure use more sun but the fishing has been great and the weather could be a whole lot worse. Also, there are few to no bugs - night and day from last year!  Our water level is about normal for this time of year and you will need only the usual 100 foot cord to charge your boat.

The logging company graded our road last week and the grader operator did an awesome job! The road is in excellent shape except for the last two kilometers. They are beyond the public access point at the old bridge that they have to keep open.

The love of my life (Gerry) (Quit laughing - it is truesmile.gif) quit smoking in March and has been having major breathing problems since then. The doc said his tests show he is in good shape internally - not even any COPD after all those years of smoking. But he is in bad shape externally and needs exercise. How doyou remove Gerry from his quad? Chemicals? Explosives? Regardless, I bet he outlives us all!

Awesome night at Press. The lake is like glass. Light cloud cover. Peaceful!



July 14, 2015

Weather was great today - lots of sun and heat. Did not do much for the fishing but Mike Donahue told me they have had great fishing all week and while the weather change may have slowed things down, the sunshine is nice! They did really well at Jarvis rapids and near the old bridge and are having a great time. Darlene caught a nice 21 1/2 inch walleye today and was heading to the frying pan with it when I left her. Nothing like fresh walleye!  I do not hear a lot of complaints about the fishing during the summer and it seems this is another great week. Because I work in town Sunday and Monday, I feel like I am walking into the middle of a story when I get back but it is usually lots of happy people.

Gerry's birthday was yesterday so I shipped him up a birthday cake. We gave him the weekend off as a birthday present, just like last year. He loves to participate in the town's fish derby. He and partners Billy (Ryan's friend whom many of you know) and George had a great time.  Billy caught a 33 inch northern and Gerry got a 39 incher. But, because the derby is held in Agimak Lake in Ignace and is therefore south of the hwy, it is illegal to keep pike over 29 inches and they could not enter their fish. George caught the only walleye but it was smaller than the 2 lb winner.



July 9, 2015

When Gerry guides, he always tells the guys to fish the same spots again on the way back. They did and really got into fish at the Rock gardens. Had a great day.

The sun is shining today and very little wind. Great day to be on the water.


8, 2015

The grading is finished and the trip into camp is SO much smoother now. Weather has been up and down this week and that has had an affect on the fishing. Plus, I am told, we are in the wrong moon phase. Live and learnsmile.gif  The fish are still biting.  Red Rock has been really good. Last week, Ryan and Hali just hammered them in the Rock Gardens and today, while guiding, Gerry never got a bite there. He did better at the Jarvis rapids. Water level is low to normal and a 100 foot extension cord is enough to charge your battery. Nice amount of beach right now and that is a good thing this week. The camp is loaded with dogs and kids - all having fun.

And the team managed to repair the old cabin 6 dock so that we now have TWO docks for campers. A few weeks ago whe we had a lot of people camping there was no functional dock so we are really getting places with two of them in the water.


July 2, 2015

Well, the logging company's grader started on our road today so this coming week should see a smoother and speedier trip into camp.

Fishing has been good with Hut still being the hotspot of the year.

The Team (Gerry, Paul, Ryan and Hali) got the new dock finished and used it to replace the dock at cabin 6. It, unfortunately, is in such bad shape that we cannot even use it as a second camper dock, although we will salvage wood, etc from it.


June 25th, 2015

Still few or no mosquitoes and black flies but the assorted house-type and friendly flies are annoying to say the least. I have managed to kill two with one bare-handed swat tho so the majority of them are not smart flies.

I have been talking Hut a lot this year and that is because our guests are doing so well there. Mike, one of our campers, was slamming big bass from under the corner rock in the Grassy and we have had reports of great walleye fishing in the same place. Hut itself is still hot but no one is complaining about the fishing anywhere in Press!

Weather was off and on wet early in the week but nice yesterday and today. HOT today - gotta luv it.

Our fish cleaning house fish board shows a number of 24 - 29 inch walleye  caught and released this week  and eleven year old Will McDonald caught a 22 1/2 inch walleye yesterday. Nice fish!

We are building a new dock and have 2 sections finished in two days (always remembering that new projects are done between customers). Uncle Paul is helping out and 2 more days will finish the job. The new dock will replace the dock at cabin 6. It is wrecked. The plan is to take the platform end piece and attach it to the dock at cabin 7. The bay is so shallow there that they always have docking probs.

Have not heard anything about northerns lately except for the increasing instances of them coming up and grabbing walleye after they are hooked. None of any size caught in the past week or two. Of course, our guests are all walleye anglers so they could catch a 50 inch northern and not think to mention itsmile.gif


June 17, 2015

Need to mention the bug situation this year. Last year we had lots of water and lots of mosquitoes. AND we had lots of Forest Tent Caterpillars. plus every other bug under the sun it seemed! This year is the complete opposite. Beth from cabin 2 was telling me about BBQing the night before and seeing only one mosquito the entire time. Low water has its advantages but there are other factors involved of course. Who cares - no bugs is no bugs and an explanation is unnecessarysmile.gif

Guests from Green Bay told me that they regularly fish the bays off of Green Bay for bass but have been getting more and bigger bass in Press this year. It has been an unusually productive year for smallies.

Weather is great this week and everyone is happy. Lots of campers and the cabins are full of course so we are all busy. Cutting firewood and fixing water leaks and cutting grass. Always something to dosmile.gif


June 13th, 2015

Last week's anglers had great fishing. The one fish bucket in the fish house was full to the top every morning and the other was at least half full (my reliable survey methodsmile.gif)

Plus a lot of happy people!  Hut is producing very well. We have had some large walleye taken there and fishing was excellent in the Grassy river just before entering the lake. Andrew Quam caught a beautiful, fat 26 1/2 inch walleye in the mouth of Wintering creek this past week. Another guest (Robert) told me he had the best fishing he has ever had in Hut with the three in the boat netting 70 walleye in 3 hours. The size was there also with many being in the 19 to 21 inch range. Nice bass (19 - 21 inches) are still being caught and released. Will July 1st never come? The early season size restriction seems senseless to us, targeting a species not native to the area. The only serious bass fishermen we ever had came before walleye opener and that would not coincide with bass spawning (they need 15 degree water to spawn). But waddayado

Some good reports about fishing the river up to the old bridge, especially near the big rocks on the corner

Everyone I talked to last week was catching them in 12 to 19 feet of water - deeper than you would expect at this time of year! 

Of course we always push minnows because that is the only bait we use but artificial and leeches are working as well.


The water level is low to normal so there is no problem getting into Hut but Wintering Creek is not really navigable unless you have a small boat.

The Forest Tent Caterpillars are back but not as thick as last year. Plus the flies that attack their young are thick and should end the infestation.

Sorry about no entries lately and I will keep you informed from now onsmile.gif



June 6th

We now have a buzzer to let us know when someone is at the pumps waiting for gas or minnows. The sensor is mounted under the eave since it also reacts to people or moths passing by. Just wave your hand in front of it and it buzzes in our house. Our friend Paul picked it up for us in Florida and it works well.


May 29th

I am sure this news will shock you as much as it has us! A remarkable number of guests this year have run out of beer early in their stay here! We do not sell beer and therefore wanted to alert you to the need to bring lots of beer with you. Our thought is 12 cases for 6 guys for one week would be about right.

If you bring a bunch of beer and have to take it  back to the States with you, it is the same as coming over - one case duty free. If you have more than one case per party member left over, WOW!


Gerry took his quads in to the small motors mech in town in April. The guy is really busy and has yet to get the parts so be sure to complement Gerry on his new exercise program - walkoing to the gas pumps!


May 27th, 2015

Roger got a 43 inch northern yesterday - he is getting it mounted. Nice fat fish!

The fishing has returned to normal and we have lots of happy people. Even the weather is great! Walleye were slow at the beginning of the week I hear but size and numbers are great now.

At the end of last week (after someone put their garbage out at night), we started having problems with a bear. Friday night he was into people's trucks, on the decks - trouble!

Yesterday, we set the alarm for 4 and Gerry shot him at 4:45 am as he walked by our kitchen window. Beautiful big boar and it is so sad that they have to be shot. BUT - we have kids, campers, pets in camp. A bear that won't go away is going to cause more and more trouble. I just wish they would wait til the fall when we could legally hunt them and eat the meat! AND the guy who put out the garbage only hurried the process along. That bear was just wanting easy food.

The weather is great and the water level has come up some. You can get into Hut and up Wntering creek a bit. Fish are biting well at the mouth of the creek. Old bridge is still iffy.

Gerry is enjoying his semi-retirement. Opening weekend he went fishing with his buddy Doug and girlfriend Laura and he is wandering off to town to watch the UFC fights on Saturday nights. Still doing lots to help the kids though. Dock repair has been a big job this spring and there is always something that needs doing but now Ryan and Hali are the go to people and we help out.

Remember to call before you come and let us know group numbers and arrival times!



May 22nd

The fish are turning on. We are getting reports of great catches in the Narrows, mouth of Wintering and the old bridge. The water temp is still low (41 where the English dumps into Press) but our forecast is for the low 70s for the rest of the week. Today is beautiful - totally calm water and bright sunshine!

Doogie caught a 29 inch walleye a few days ago and some bigger northern are being caught. Still a lot of bass.


May 20, 2015

Today is Ryan's 23rd birthday and he and his girlfriend Hali are now officially in charge.

We are trying to back off and let them run things and they are definitely doing a great job!

It has not been a good opener however. We had numerous dock problems but that is fairly normal. The poor fishing is not normal though. Some groups reported doing really well while everyone else fought to get enough for supper. Our friends Doug and Laura chose this year to invite her sister and two nephews to join them at camp. They are from the Barbados which, I think, qualifies them as the guests who travelled the farthest to fish at Press Lake. Unfortunately, there is no prize associated with that and the poor fishing was also unfortunate. Also, since they are from a warmer climate, the freezing rain which began overnight on Sunday and continued through Monday was a bit of a shock. But, the snow allowed Adam, the younger and hardier (or maybe foolhardier) brother, to make a video of  himself in shorts and sandals making snowballs on the deck while commenting on how his aunt Laura had not mentioned this when she told them to pack shorts. A sense of humour was a bonus this week!

A 24 inch walleye and 39 inch northern were the biggest catches so far. Plus Erik Brettingen caught a smallie just under 4 pounds! Nice fish but catch and release at this time of year.

The best spots seem to be the Narrows and Wintering creek.

Our weather forecast shows nothing but sun for the next week though so that should improve the fishing


May 16, 2015

Opening day was very different from last year with no ice on Press since April. The water level is very low though and getting up Wintering Creek or into Rice is not worth the trouble. No water and lots of rocks. You can get into Hut but keep a sharp eye out for the rocks.

Several groups have commented on the number of big smallies they are catching. Rare for opener but the water temp is in the low 50s - close to spawning temps for the bass. Bass are fun to catch and very tasty but best of all - the male takes care of the babies - gotta love a species like that. They have been running betweem 18 and 21 inches but, until July 1st,  you can only keep bass that are less than 13.75 inches.

Walleye were slow. The Narrows and Wintering Creek produced some nice fish but you had to be there at the right time. The old bridge was dead and Hut wasn't hot either. It was our first hot and sunny day in ages though so that might have affected the catch. If so, the next two days should be great. Predictions are for snow and sub-zero night temps!



May 11, 2015

Well, we got it done! Gwen Andrews, Hali's parents Yvonne and Al plus Ryan and Hali parttime got all the cabins cleaned. Oh yeah - and mesmile.gif. Still lots to do of course. AND it is snowing. Snow is better than rain but the wind is incredibly strong and cold. We still have to wash windows and a couple of recent years found us not getting that done. We will get it done this year even if we have to do it while you are out fishingsmile.gif

Forecast calls for 70 on opening day but that is the weatherman talkingsmile.gif


May 6, 2015

Use our 807-934-6911 phone number now - we have more or less movedsmile.gif

Gerry and I made it to camp today. Got cabin 4's dock repaired and other spring duties done. Help will be coming on Friday and we will then be on a drive to get the cabins cleaned and the yard in order. We came back to town tonight because we have eye appointments in Dryden tomorrow. Heading back up on Friday. Ryan and Hali have been there for a week and have done a great job of getting everything in shape!

Water level is low! Rain has been forecast but has not happened yet. On the up side - lots of beach. OK! It is not much of an up but ... we could still get rain.

Gas prices are down - good news!

Road is pretty rough - bad news!

We are checking on graders now but the first week or two's guests can expect a slow trip in.

Just noticed my last entry. We did not have fish:(


May 3, 2015

Ryan and Hali are really getting things done at camp. There is now water to all the cabins and the laundry room is working. The ice appears to be completely off the lake and there is a lot of beach right now. We will see what happens to the water level with spring runoff and rain.

I worked Saturday to Monday this weekend so Gerry and I plan to head up to camp on Tuesday.

He is currently trying for brook trout in his favourite spring lakes. No luck today but he is hoping we will have a fish supper  tomorrow night. I think I'll take out a chickensmile.gif


April 30, 2015

Gerry, Ryan and Hali (plus Bella of course) headed up today to try to get into camp. The road was mostly snow-free and in fairly good condition. The docks were all in place, looking exactly like they did when you came last year. The lake is whiter thoughsmile.gif. Still ice covered but out past the docks now so it will be gone by opener. Rain is forecast til Tuesday and 70 degree temps. There were a pile of broken water lines under the lodge. It froze solid before we left last fall. All fixed now and there is water to the building but not the cabins yet. Ryan, Hali and Bella are staying at camp to clean and work on things. Gerry came home - he has an echocardiogram in Thunder Bay tomorrow. Got an infection of some sort but is improving. I have to work Sat - Monday but we will all be out there by next week.

The phone is working and so is the Internet but remember to email us at


Tuesday, April 21st 2015

YESTERDAY the grass was greening amd we were raking up winter debris. I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland and a bunch of pissed off junkoes and redpolls looking for something to eat at the feeder. It has continued to snow lightly all day - a beautiful sight. In January. We are up to about 4 inches now but it is still coming down. No sweat tho - it is supposed to be 12 by the weekend. Not sure what that is in your degrees but in Celsius, anything over zero is melting weather so it is goodsmile.gif



Friday, April 10, 2015

I ended up doing something to my knee thus losing the ability to walk (Yes you are correct - I am getting old hehe) so Gerry went to Valora alone. Still lots of snow on the road and snowmachine traffic down it but it will go fast. Temps are mostly above zero now and we have lost much of our snow in town. There is more up north but nothing like last year so it is looking good. And, thx to the miracle of mega Ibuprofen, I can walk againsmile.gif



April 8th, 2015

Our snow is still hanging on but nothing like last year. We are going up to Valora this afternoon to check out the road condition. We are aware that it will still be snow-covered but we are getting antsy to get back to camp so....





March 23rd, 2015


I have spent the past two weeks trying to ignore the paperwork that is piling up on my desk but we are meeting with the accountant on Thursday so it is now down to the wiresmile.gif

On the UP side, we have no snow if you compare this year's drifts to last year's mountains and our weather is almost balmy! Around zero Celsius (minus 18 F).

No ice on the lake this year I bet. Last May was the first time I saw ice at camp opening weekend and it actually left before opener. SO - we placed rental boats on the docks and then the wind switched and blew all the ice back into the docks on Friday. SHEESH!

But, this year everything is working well and we expect to have lots of time to clean the camp and have things ready for opening week.

Right now you can contact any one of the four of us for info or bookings. We are working at transferring everything to the new ownerssmile.gif but it takes time.


March 7, 2015

We're back! We left Everglades City at 9 am Sunday and pulled into Ignace yesterday at 3:30 pm. 'Six Days On The Road" and 51 hours of driving!

The kids had bets on which one of us woud survive to Thunder Bay but it actually was a great trip!   I have never travelled across the US by road before so it was endlessly interesting!  Unfortunately, we drove through fog for the first two days and so missed a lot of what we wanted to see, especially in southern Louisiana but it cleared in Arkansas in time for us to admire the Ozarks. Beautiful!

The highways through Minnesota were quite the experience. No way could I read the map so good thing it was a straight highway through the state. I thought we had two flat tires at first. The north from Duluth on is even worse! But we met nothing but friendly people, great food and cheap hotels My best score was $45 dollars for the night at the Deluxe Inn in Natchez, Mississippi.  Flat screen TV, ice machine on the pavement outside our door and 'Jughead's Fried Fish and Other Things' restaurant across the street. Not the cleanest but great food and super staff! Fried catfish, hush puppies and shrimp po'boys. Um good! What more could you want after a long day on the road smile.gif


Gerry is sad to be back in the snow but is already talking ice fishing. He had great fishing in the Everglades but the weather turned cold at night in February and dropped the water temp from 70 to 60. Fishing dropped with the temperature. We still did well off the pier but the islands shut down more or less. Still had lots of fun exploring new channels and soaking up the sun. The day time temps were always between 70 and 80 so life was good.

Now we are ready for a new season.


We have very little snow compared to last year but an early and heavy snowfall brought trees down on the road (pix on our Facebook page I thinksmile.gif). Still it will be much easier getting into camp this year than it was in 2014 and we should not have any ice on the lake. It is only just below freezing here now.


24 January, 2015

I will be flying to Florida on January 28th, returning around March 7th. We are driving back so we are not sure how long it will take. TOO long I know!

I have not seen Gerry since Nov 23rd and I think I'm starting to miss him hehe.

He has been complaining that the days are too hot and he has to cut his fishing short due to the heat. Poor guy!

This week a 740 lb bear was trapped in Florida. In fact, there have been four black bear attacks since he got there and one 14 yr old girl was terribly mauled. The State has the same problem as Ontario though in trying to get a bear hunt back. Their hunt was cancelled around 1994 and there are now about 3,000 bears in Florida. They get that big from eating human food in subdivisions. Of course, then they have to be trapped and shot. There is no place to move them to. Cuba and Georgia are the closest and I don't think they would be happy to see a bunch of Florida bears moving in.

I will put the contact numbers at the top of this page before I leave. Ryan and Hali will have the schedules so if you have questions about your week or if you want to book a cabin, they are the ones to call. We have a cell phone with a Florida phone number if you need to talk to us.



16 Jan 2015

As you can see, things are all messed up here. About 6 years of posts are gone, the ones left are not very readable and I cannot post except by writing here.  Also our vacancy section is gone. I am hoping that things will improve but unfortunately the server update that created the problem happened on a Thurs so nothing can be done until Monday at the earliest.


10 January, 2015

A brand new year and how many of you have written January 2014 cheques so far?  I have, as always!&br;Our weather has stayed about the same - roughly 25 below C.  Our minus 18 is your zero so we are not that cold but the wind does not help!  It has been cool in Florida as well - Gerry had to put a shirt on a few timessmile.gif. Very little snow here which is not good of course (frozen water and sewer lines) but all is well so far. It is already mid-January - the winter is flying by!&br;I am starting to prepare for Florida - cutting back on grocery purchases and trying to finish up paperwork due before March. Remember to let us know if you cannot come or want to change weeks, etc. I will take the schedule to the kids before I leave on the 27th so you can email them re problems while we are gone - or email us and enquire about the weather. hehe.&br;Not sure of contact numbers and addresses right now but will find out and post them here. STAY WARM!



6 January, 2015

Or Christmas Eve for Ukrainians like Gerry and Ryan. The traditional 12 meatless dishes are enough to turn me offsmile.gif I'm having lamb.&br;I doubt they will celebrate the occasion either.&br;Our Christmas weather did not last into January. It was 30+ below Sunday and Monday when I went to work. My car almost would not start even after being plugged in all night. But - we expect this weather so it is OK. Bound to warm up soon!&br;I have received a lot of emails from people wanting to know their dates or looking for a cabin. We now have only one cabin available for opening week and I am juggling a couple of cancellations with our waiting list. We will post anything we cannot fill from the list.&br;If you are at all unsure of your reservation dates, email me or phone.



4 January 2015

Ryan, Hali and their friend Matt came home Thursday to pick up the ice hut I bought Gerry for Christmas last year. Ryan now refers to it as his present since his dad has decided fishing the Gulf in a boat beats battling slush and 30 below weather. They also took advantage of the opener for Lake trout and, along with friend Billy Moore, went to Paguchi on Friday. To my surprise they were back before three with their limit of eight trout. The new size restriction (only one over 22 inches) makes getting your limit difficult on big trout lakes and is totally unnecessary here given the lack of pressure our trout lakes experience. HOWEVER - can't fight the gov't cuz they don't listen.&br;But what was really amazing was Matt's catch. Gerry has been fishing Paguchi in the same spot (at the narrows) for years and while we have heard that walleye can be caught in the deeper parts of Paguchi, we have never had proof. Until Friday when Matt hauled up, from 60 feet of water, a 29 1/2 inch walleye - fat and beautiful. Clearly it could not be released and, even though he is a college student, he decided to get it mounted. We all told him he will never catch a fish that big again but you know how that works. Still - he is one happy angler!



Dec 31st, 2014

Last day of a great year. I hope it was the same for you and that we will see you at camp in 2015, happy and in good health!&br;Talked to Gerry today (we talk every day) and I hope that Bell was not messing with me when they said unlimited calls to Canada AND the USA for an extra $9.00 per month! I have not seen a bill yet.&br;Gerry said he and another fellow (Mike) were fishing upriver from our rental house today. He had a light rod with a white jig and twister tail on, 200 yds of line. A tarpon 60 - 80 pounds grabbed it as he put the motor in neutral and stood up. Five seconds and the line broke. Gone - but the tarpon did some flips in the air to let Gerry know what he'd missed.&br;He's been talking tarpon but been obsessed with snook. I sense that now it's tarpon. &br;&br;December 30, 2014&br;The Minnesota trailer law may not impact anyone but residents of the state. Gerry Cariou from Sunset Country sent an email yesterday that indicated the new regs were seen by the State's legislators as being unfair to out of state visitors. WOW! Wish we had people like that in charge in Ontariosmile.gif. SO - don't worry about it. It is likely not going to be an issue and we have enough to worry about without it. Like this sudden 25 below weather! Gerry is VERY happy to hear our weather has finally gotten as cold as it usually is in December. I don't mind it though, especially since I no longer work outside and it does stop poisonous snakes etc from migrating to Northwestern Ontario.&br;You should now have your calendars. Many of you are calling to confirm your dates and to cancel or request changes or more info. Keep it up - better to be 100% sure of your dates now than to come in the wrong week - lose a lot of friends that way! And be sure to send your deposit if you have not so that I don't have to track you down later!! Thanks.&br;&br;December 25, 2014&br;Merry Christmas everyone!



December 24th, 2014

Our December weather, especially around Christmas, is generally 30 to 40 below and at minus 40 it doesn't make any difference if you are talking in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It's COLD! Tonight, while driving home, I had to turn my wipers on to clear the RAIN from my windshield.  Global warming has finally arrived in Ignace.&br;Gerry is still fishing in Everglades City.  Weather is .... hot smile.gif&br;Ryan and Hali came home from Thunder Bay for Christmas and we will be having Christmas dinner with her family. I am cooking a capon - we don't like turkey much, and there will be endless food as always.&br;The calendars were all mailed last week so, if you  do not get one by the end of January, contact us with your correct address and we will mail one out to you. One thing got missed from the newsletter. The reason for the picture was to advertise the fact that we do have a large lakeside campground and it is busy the week kids get out of school but very peaceful for most of the year. Try it out. We have flush toilets and showers for campers and a freezer for fish storage. Plus fire pits and picnic tables at each site. And a camper dock. Fish house. Use of canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Etc&br;Our two new sit-on kayaks are really popular. They are very easy to paddle and lots of fun. The kids use them to fish our bay and I cannot believe how fast those things move through the water. They will also easily handle rather largesmile.gif adults.&br;I am sure most of you have heard about the new laws re transporting a watercraft through Minnesota. Still some details left to iron out and no course available yet but we will try to keep you informed and appreciate any info you have that we can pass on to our guests.&br;#@$%&  is info and a lot of us definitely agree but ... it appears Minnesota has made it law that you need this licence/trailer decal to get through their state. It is a 20 minute online course and an as yet undetermined fee. But don't think of this as another money grab.



17 Dec, 2014

With 48 snook caught (and released since Dec. 1st) Gerry is the snook kingsmile.gif He is loving his time in Florida with no commitments.  Just - fish, don't fish (THAT choice isn't put into play very often tho) and I am enjoying the peace and quiet at home although missing him a whole bunch. I bought him dry bags for the boat and I am going to have to start insisting on pictures. &br;Today he was fishing around Indian Key. OK - some info.  Everglade City faces south at the bottom end of Florida on the Gulf side. In front of it is Ten thousand Islands National Park. So, after a nine mile boat trip through islands with great fishing, you arrive at Indian Key and, after that, the open waters of the gulf. Gerry was trolling from Indian Key across the opening to the Gulf and suddenly found himself surrounded by 7 dolphins. They were dipping and diving under and around his boat and splashing him with water, diving for fish. He was awestruck! He said he never caught any fish (I guess not) but WHO CARES! Great day!&br;Hali told me the Canadian calendars have been mailed and they are going to Rydens later this week to mail the US ones. They cost $1.35 each to mail from Canada. We can take them across the border (fee - $10.00) and mail them for 45 cents. Times at least 800 calendars. I refuse to outshop most of the time but I guess I have my price:(



12 December, 2014

Our weather forecasters warned us all summer that this winter would be twice as horrible as last year. Since they spent last summer predicting the warmest winter ever, I have been anticipating great weather til spring and - so far so good. It is currently above freezing and our winter has been wonderful to date - as winter goes.&br;Our calendars are printed and should be in the mail next week. WOW huh!! If you are not sure if you have a deposit OR what your dates are for next year, call or email me and I will let you know. Better than coming in the wrong week! Also let me know if you don't get a calendar and we will mail you one.&br;Due to confusion as to what day Dec 1st fell on, Gerry arrived at our rental home in Everglade City 3 days early - Nov 28th. He worked out a repair the house to pay for the extra time deal with the owner and got 3 days of snook fishing in. The season for snook is closed from Dec 1st til the end of Feb. - our exact time in Florida :( although you can still catch and release of course.  Tommy, a fellow who helped out on the island last year, held the snook record for quite a long time apparently with 8 caught in one night. Gerry caught 12 and then 9 so he is the new record holder.  Surprised? Two nights ago he caught a snook, one black drum over 8 lbs and 2 smaller, a 17 1/2 inch red drum (redfish), 2 sheepshead, a puffer fish and 2 mangrove snappers. That was in 2 1/2 hrs fishing off the pier in front of our house.  He is having an awesome time!&br;The drive down took over 40 hours, longer than we thought and much longer than Google says but I have noticed google distances are a bit wacky. There has been a day or two since he got to Everglade City when it was just too hot to fish and today both the TV and Internet are down. I am trying to work up some sympathysmile.gif&br;The lincsat address is still not fixed but works. I do get your messages on lincsat but have to answer on sympatico. I love computers.&br;Ryan is working renovating apartments at the same place as last year - On Deck in Thunder Bay while Hali continues her schooling at Lakehead U. One more year!



25 November, 2014

Gerry left for Florida at 6:30 Sunday morning (23rd), planning to clear the cities by nightfall, but ended up spending the night in St Paul due to some confusion.  However, he got excellent exit instructions from local folk so it worked out well in the long run.&br;Last night he made it to Sedalia, Missouri and the weather started getting warmer today as he travelled further south. He went through Arkansas and Tennessee without even realizing it (no signs like there are in Minnesota and Iowa) and ended up somewhere in Mississippi tonight.&br;He has had to ask for directions a few times when our carefully drafted list of roads to take was screwed up by construction. Most people have been very good but last night a fellow told him to take such and such a highway until he got to Texas and turn left through Louisiana. Maybe notsmile.gif&br;He is in plus 10 degrees C. and it is minus 10 here so of course the furnace quit today. Makes sense they don't quit in the summer when they aren't working but still irritating. Roger, the fellow who bought Camp Wintering, is our furnace guy and he came over and changed the igniter. He is working hard at getting the camp fixed up from what I hear. I haven't been in to see what he has done but hear good things.&br;Gerry plans to be in Everglade City Friday night because snook season closes on Saturday and you can catch snook off the pier at the island. Always thinkingsmile.gif&br;Our calendars have been ordered and we should have a draft next week. Might not make Xmas but should be out soonsmile.gif



20 November, 2014

Winter is here! We still do not have a lot of snow, especially compared to Buffalo and even southern Ontario, but the temps are well below freezing and all the lakes are frozen.&br;Gerry sold his new snowmachine and, even though he still has his older and still good VK540, is out of the ice fishing business! He is planning to leave for Florida on Sunday, November 23rd even though he cannot get into our rental house until the 30th - that gives him lots of time to find his way down there. First time ever driving that far through the states. Doyle from Missouri used to be a long haul truck driver and he mapped Gerry out a route that avoids all major cities except Minneapolis. He is leaving Sunday to try to get thru the city on a day that will hopefully have less traffic than what he has seen while travelling to Viking games!&br;Our lincsat email is not in good shape. I get some emails but cannot respond at all. The address does seem to be working so if you have tried to email us since Oct 31st and gotten no response, try again at that address or phone us at 807-934-2607.&br;Meanwhile I will call the computer guy and see if he can help!



11 November, 2014

Remembrance Day. Weather was very cold but for once - no wind. There are years when we can barely carry the flags due to the wind. Kids all arrived at the Cenotaph in sneakers of course but some adults do the same! Great service. All Ignace school elementary students (French and public school) attended. We cooked over 300 hot dogs for 150 kids. We could have gotten rid of lots more but we seniors doing the cooking forgot how many hot dogs a kid in grade 7 or 8 can wolf downsmile.gif&br;Gerry got the 2001 genset from Cummins in Kenora yesterday and was going to head up to camp with it today. However, Roger who bought Wintering Camp sent us pix of the bent over trees on the road (ice build-up) - he had to cut his way into his camp. Then we talked to the trapper - Ken Fralick. He said he had trouble getting down the road with his side by side and definitely would not take his truck in. Okay if you don't care about your paint job but our Tundra is on lease.&br;So, we put it in the garage for the winter. Ken brought his hoe over and got it off the truck and into an out of the way spot.&br;Not that I will need garage space with Gerry leaving in 2 weeks. He is excited and checking out his route, boats for sale and fishing tacklesmile.gif. He wants to buy a boat and there are lots for sale in the Naples/Tampa area  so hopefully he will manage to find something for a reasonable price that will work in the backwaters that we are fishing. &br;Very little snow here so far but there have been some icy road issues of course. Temps are dropping but nothing serious yet.



6 November, 2014

Still no ability to answer email and not certain that I am even getting all emails. I called Bell today and spent half an hour with a woman who made sympatico my default email address but did nothing to solve the problem that Bell has handled easily in previous years. I called again and got a fellow who said oh I will switch you to our satellite dept and I ended up telling my problem to some woman in Billing who tried unsuccessfully  to transfer me back to tech support. Will try again tomorrow when I might have some of my patience back. &br;Gerry is avidly exploring open water trout fishing opportunities. He went to his favourite winter speck lake (Big Butler) yesterday and did not get a bite. Today he went to Snowstorm, another favourite winter lake, and got not a bite. On his way home he stopped at Berglund, a small lake along the 325 road. Bingo! He ended up catching 10 specks and kept the 5 largest. The biggest of those (around 21 inches) was all we could eat for supper. Of course we also had a frying pan full of potatoes, carrots and onions from our garden plus garden fresh tomatoes. Great time of year!&br;Weather is not bad - still around zero and the snow that caused our move to be problematic has now melted - of course. Cummins has our 2001 gen fixed and ready for pickup so Gerry is going to Kenora on Monday to get it and we hope to get to camp Tuesday to offload and tarp it for the winter. We need to get it out of the truck ASAP since it is a pretty heavy load - even for a Toyotasmile.gif



Monday, November 3, 2014

We have been back in town since around 6 on Halloween night (Friday)  and I am not yet adjusted. We would have been back to give candy to the kids except we have lived at this address since 2004 and have never had a kid. Our street parallels the hwy and is sparcely populated - not a mecca for kids on Halloween night. Gerry still buys the candy though and then is forced to eat it himself. Sadsmile.gif&br;My computer is hooked up and working in the sense that I can receive email BUT I cannot respond. I will contact Bell and try to figure out the problem but, if you have an urgent request/problem, call us at 807-934-2607. Or email and leave your phone number. I have no way of knowing if I am getting all emails but I have received some. The lincsat address is the problem; the sympatico one seems to work.



October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!&br;This is moving day although we took two vehicle loads in yesterday. Ryan stayed in town and I came back to camp. Made it almost to last pond before the two roads to the old bridge and there was a tree across the road. If I were smart I would carry a bow saw in my car but all I had was empty boxes. And holey shoes! I walked almost to the dump and then saw Gerry's truck coming to get me. We always call before we leave town and it paid off yesterday.&br;There is about 3 inches of snow covering everything today. It never got below minus 2 yesterday but the wind was strong and cold. By yesterday afternoon the water was frozen in Ryan's bathroom and the p trap on the bathtub is now frozen. On the positive side, our overnight low of minus 5 is now at plus 5 and the sun is sort of shining.&br;I am not sure when we will have our Internet running again. It could be tomorrow or a week from now! You can reach us at 807-934-2607. Leave a message if we are not there to answer. The 934-6911 number is suspended for the winter.&br;&br;October 29th&br;We had a phone-in cancellation several days ago from a guest who said they had a week booked in July for the first time, had not sent a deposit yet and were forced to cancel.  I have tried contacting every group that matches that description with no luck. If you called and cancelled recently, please call or email and let us know which group you are with (the name apparently sounded like Tom Kelly but..). Thanks!&br;Let Bella out for a pee a few minutes ago. Huge barking frenzy and she is off - heading for the black and white creature 10 feet from our deck. I yelled for her to come back and she responded with surprising speed - maybe dogs do remember previous encounters with skunks!  The skunk was as shocked as I was and did not even have time to turn around and threaten the dog. Funny!&br;We took down the trail camera on our bear bait tonight. Picture of a cow moose wandering past the bait and lots of a big porker of a bear more or sitting on the baitsmile.gif Over the years, we have gotten pix of rabbits, wolves, skunks, eagles, ravens and humans (us). Interesting!&br;Ryan and Gerry each took a vehicle load to town today while I worked at camp. Tomorrow, Ryan and I will do the same while Gerry uh hmm will stay here hehee. Everything is now shut down and waterfree except for the lodge bldg. We expect to be out of here by Friday but who knows. So far the weather has cooperated with no temps below minus 2 but that is supposed to change on Thursday. One night of minus 5 or lower and our lines freeze - no fun! We will leave the water running and hope for the best. That usually works. Unless the gen shuts down in the middle of the nightsmile.gif   Me - always the worrier!&br;Actually think we will get a calendar out this year so if you have a pic that you think would work, email it to us. Thanks!



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It is snowing. The ground is slowly whitening and yet we have a Garden lupine in full bloom and a rose bush struggling to turn its bright red rosebud into a full grown flower. Hope springs eternal in the plant world. Not so much though with us humans who are hoping for one snow and rain-free day for moving. But, we are better off now that we have my Toyota 4runner. It holds a lot and keeps things drysmile.gif In the past we have only  had half tons - practical for everything except shopping in the rain and moving in the rain.&br;Still no frosts hard enough to freeze our water lines but we know we are walking a fine line here. The boys are taking two vehicles filled with 'stuff' to town tomorrow, leaving me to hopefully finish up the paperwork for our HST return. No we don't get to keep all that tax money you pay on your bill up here smile.gif.  Bummer!&br;Hali is back to school so gets to miss the mayhem associated with getting out of here. You would think that after 26 years it would be as smooth as clockwork and it does get easier but it is still a gong showsmile.gif&br;Our gen problems seem to be over - all the kinks are out and the new gen is running smoothly. It is, like everything today I am told, completely electronic. So, if anything goes awry, it shuts itself down. Self satisfied little prig! Then we phone for help and learn about even more things we cannot do anymore. Too many electric heaters shut us down this fall. Our old gens would keep on chugging but not this one. Of course the old ones would have blown up without warning us because they had no safety features. But they didn't blow up so  that is a hard argument to buy intosmile.gif&br;&br;


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