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April 13, 2018

Posted on April 13, 2018

Hi all,

Sorry for another long hiatus but I got some more work up North and was gone for a while. The same sort of stuff, working on water and waste water treatment systems on some very northern reservations. This time we had two large water filters that were leaking and needed to be patched. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to travel by ice roads that far north.

As for around home the temperatures are finally warming up to just above freezing during the day but are plummeting down into the 20’s during the night. We are starting to lose a bit of snow but not very quickly, and there is still 3.5-4 feet of ice on the lakes. Currently the walleye are staged up near river mouths getting ready to spawn which makes ice fishing this time of year a lot of fun. I was out with a large group last night and we did very well, 9 of us returned only 2 fish shy of limit. We also threw back as many fish as we caught that were all large females over the slot. It sure is a lot of fun catching them this time of year.

We haven’t been up to check the condition of the road yet this winter but I’m guessing it’s going to be a while before it thaws out enough for us to get into camp. We are definitely hoping things start melting soon so we can get in and get to work!

This weekend Hali and I are going to Winnipeg to do a supply run at Costco, and to go meet our new puppy! We put a deposit down on a litter of Redfox Labs near the end of March and they were born in early April. We have first pick of the litter since we were the first ones to get a deposit in so we are going to meet the litter and hopefully pick which puppy we are going to take home once they are old enough. We have decided we want another female and although we still miss Bella very much we are looking forward to having a wagging tail around the house and camp again.

I will try to keep updating the blog frequently, especially once we get into camp.