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April 28th, 2024 – Moving Up to Camp!

Posted on April 28, 2024

Hi All,

Well, we took a truck load of stuff up to camp yesterday to double check road conditions before starting to move up. Today we have been packing and cleaning up around the house, and tomorrow we are off to camp for a few nights to get started opening up. Currently the road is a little wet in a couple places that we will inevitably rut up a little bit. They’re pretty isolated though, so hopefully we can get them cleaned up and levelled back off once the water drains. Otherwise everything at camp looks to be in good shape. The water levels have come up a bit since we were in there last but are definitely still very low, and a west wind pushed the broken up ice into our bay pushing the docks up on shore. There doesn’t appear to be much damage to them so hopefully the wind will get the ice out of our bay and I’ll get the docks straightened back out soon.

As it turned out there was a bit of a mix up with the new 25 hp motors we bought this spring. The previous owner had told me they were short shaft motors which we require for our rental boats. After getting the motors home and giving them another look, they just seemed a little too long to me so I measured them and sure enough, they’re long shafts. When I broke the news to the previous owner (another lodge owner upgrading their own fleet of rentals) he offered me a very good price point on three of their boats that don’t have cut out transoms like mine do, and will work with the longer motors.

The boats are 16′ Naden’s, just like our current rentals. However, they are a little wider across the back, have a built in wooden flat floor, and split second row seating for easier moving around in the boat. We will post some pictures once we get the new boats and motors up to camp and together. Since these new boats are the only boats compatible with the 25 hp motors, we will be offering the 25 hp rental as an upgraded boat and motor package. Previous pricing would have been $160.00 for our standard boat rental, and $300.00 for the 25 hp motor totaling $460.00 for the week. Pricing for the upgraded rental boat and motor package for the week will be $500.00. For anyone who has already booked an upgraded motor rental for this season we will be honoring the original agreed upon price of $460.00, and you will get to enjoy the slightly upgraded boat this year on us!

We may be a little bit slower returning emails and calls over the next couple of weeks. We apologize for any inconveniences ahead of time, and please be patient as we will get back to you. Spring is just a crazy time for us and we will be on the road between town and camp a lot and will be very busy getting operations up and running. That being said we will have the Starlink system at camp with us so we should have the phone and email operational while we are up there.

I will be sure to update again soon once we get up to camp and get rolling a bit.