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April 9, 2020 – Newest Covid-19 Info, Not a Lot to Report

Posted on April 9, 2020

Hello all,

Well we still haven’t heard any new information regarding a possible opening date for the border. Canada, much like the US I’m sure, has mandated that all non essential businesses be closed as well. This included lodges from the initial report and has since expanded to campgrounds as well. So as of right now, even if the border were to be re-opened, we would not be able to take any guests. That being said, I imagine they will begin opening up businesses before allowing traffic through the border.

We receive almost daily information through various lobby and information groups that we are apart of, mainly Sunset Country and NOTO for those who have heard of them, but there is yet to be any news of when things may start opening back up. However, we plan to get into camp as soon as we can to begin preparations for opening weekend in case things turn around over the next 5 weeks. We remain hopeful that we will be able to open on time, but to be completely honest, it doesn’t look good.

We haven’t quite figured out how we will go about closing in the event we have to do so. As of right now I am thinking we will try to give a constant two weeks notice about how we plan to proceed. So we would be updating the website every two weeks announcing any new information and whether or not we will be closed for the following two weeks. We would of course try to reach out to any effected guests as well so they have a clear picture of what is happening to their vacation. Again, I’m only spit balling here as this is all new to us. I will firm up our plans closer to opener as we will hopefully have a clearer picture of how to proceed, and maybe some new information.

As mentioned in my last post, we will carry deposits over to 2021 for those who want to keep their cabin. If you wish to have your deposit refunded we can do that as well, forfeiting the cabin for 2021.

I have had some inquiries from our Canadian guests about their trips if the borders remain closed. As I mentioned above, we are officially not allowed to open regardless of the border situation, for the time being anyway. We are currently planning to proceed that if we do have to close, as a result of this non essential closure notice or the border still being closed, then we will be closed to everyone. If the non essential businesses are allowed to open before the borders do, then we will revisit this, but for the time being closed is closed. Again, I’m hoping we don’t have to close at all, fingers crossed.

Well enough of the heavy stuff. The weather up here has been pretty warm during the day lately and dropping well below freezing at night still. The snow is quickly melting but there is still enough to run a snow machine on in the areas that were packed down and frozen from winter traffic. There is still a good couple of feet of ice on the lakes and we have been self isolating by doing lots of fishing. Unfortunately, the walleye have been a little difficult to locate this spring. Normally this time of year they can be caught in large quantities outside of any river mouth as they are staging to spawn. This year however, it seem things are a week or so late and the walleye are just starting to move into the shallows. This might make for a later spawn and good fishing opening weekend, of course its tough to say at this point.

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. This virus is pretty crazy!