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February 8, 2019 – It Is Cold!

Posted on February 8, 2019

Hello All,

Well, winter has finally decided to arrive. After a large heavy snowfall early in the fall we had quite the warm spell. Not very cold and not a lot of snow until about mid January, since then we have gotten about 2 feet of snow an the temps are averaging -20 to -40 degrees F almost daily. Despite the cold we are still getting snow, I shovelled my driveway 3 times in 2 days earlier this week!

With all of this cold weather I have not been doing a lot of fishing. I have a hut on Paguchi lake (lake trout), which is it’s usual home in the winter. Conditions are pretty average out there, the fishing is good through January, slows down in February, and picks up again in March. We were doing pretty well out there in January but the last two weeks or so it has slowed down quite a bit. Going to move onto walleye fishing with my portable hut for the remainder of the month.

Two weekends ago I held the 3rd Annual Gerry Nicholas Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament out at the shack. This year’s winner took it home with a beauty 13.6 pound Laker! The weather was absolutely frigid so we didn’t have as many fisherman as the last two years but still nice to see friends and family out. Fishing was okay with about 8 trout being caught. Here is the winner:


Mom and I got back from Tyler’s wedding mid January. We had an absolute blast, it was a beautiful resort and a gorgeous wedding. Couldn’t ask for nicer weather all week, especially the day of the wedding. Around 70 people made the journey, pretty crazy for a destination wedding! Here are a few pics:



As for further vacations, I will be away from Feb. 9-17, and I will be in Ireland for two weeks on Mar. 5-19. If you need to get in touch with me feel free to email or call, and I will get back to you as soon as I get home.

We are very behind on our typical Christmas mail out this year. Do not fret, it is coming. I would like to offer a solid reason as to why it isn’t done and mailed yet, but to be honest, it is mainly procrastination – haha. We have started it, and as soon as I get home in a week it will become top priority. Thanks for the patience, this winter is seeming to fly by.

I hope everyone had great holidays and are staying warm!