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July 12, 2018

Posted on July 12, 2018

Hello all!

Sorry for the long lapses between posts, we get busy and I get forgetful. Don’t ever hesitate to remind me to do an update either in person or by email.

The weather was hot and dry all through June with little to no rain at all. The water levels diminished a bit and levelled out probably 2 feet lower than normal for this time of year. Since the beginning of July we have had a handful of small rains and two that broke 1 inch, which hasn’t brought the lake up but has held it where it is. Despite the low water it is still possible to get into Hut and to traverse the Narrows and the Rock Gardens. The forecasted weather for the next week or so shows little to no rain and temps in the 80’s and 90’s, let’s hope for a little rain to keep the lake up.

The fishing has stayed consistent despite the warm bright days and high temps. The walleye are a little harder to find than normal but are concentrated once found with the best time of day the mornings and evenings when it isn’t quite so hot and bright. Lots of high numbers coming from the Rock Gardens and Rapids although they seem to be rather small. The larger ones are starting to move to the reefs out in the lake and can be caught drifting a jig and your favourite bait up the windblown side. When reef fishing like that I recommend moving quickly from spot to spot if they aren’t biting, it seems they are either feeding on a reef or they aren’t there at all.

Resolute, the local logging company, has been generous enough to grade the road for us this week. Hopefully when the operator is done the road will be relatively smooth again and will hold up well for another year to come.

We are hoping to have a little bit of excavation done around the yard and are planning on building a 20 by 40 pole barn where our garden used to be and will be building a 40 by 40 shop beside our lodge where our current shed is. We have hired a local retired contractor to do the work for us and we are hoping to begin in August. If all goes well we would love to hire him next summer to start doing some renovations in the cabins whenever we can.