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July 28, 2023 – Hard To Believe We’re Almost Half Way Through The Season

Posted on July 28, 2023

Hi All,

I apologize for not getting a post up here sooner. A few weeks ago I had an aunt pass away and was gone most of the week to the Toronto area to visit family and attend the funeral. Once home, it took a little while to get caught back up and get everything back to normal, but we are all caught up again and I figured it was about damn time I get a post up on the blog – haha!

Well, despite the incredibly dry spring and early summer we had, for the last month or so we have been getting lots of rain. It was well needed as I’m sure everyone knows that Canada has been on fire. That is still the case out west, but locally we have seen our fire ban lifted, and the grass in the yard is actually green again. Not to mention the yard and the road on the drive in aren’t so dusty, and smoke from the wildfires is basically nonexistent at this point. Water levels are low, but not outrageously so. However, had we not got that rain I think it would be a much different story. Getting into Hut is still possible although getting more and more difficult, especially with larger boats.

Fishing has remained pretty incredible all year. I am seriously not kidding when I say that since the border has been open I hear weekly that the fishing is the best groups have ever had, and the fish are consistently the biggest they have seen. We haven’t seen a large influx of really big (say 27″ +) walleye, but the average size now seems to be running 17-21″. However, we did have a massive walleye caught by Laverne on his 88th birthday. This 32″ giant made for a pretty special birthday present!

Lindsay has started upping our social media presence with weekly Walleye Wednesday posts, and has been reaching out for photos from everyone’s trip. So far we have been getting quite a few so a big thank you to everyone sending in pictures, and if you haven’t sent any and have some good ones, please forward them along! Below is a nice sample of some of the submissions and the walleye being caught this summer:

The walleye are definitely in the deeper water now and are being found on the shoulders of reefs and sharp drop offs in anywhere from 15-25′ of water. 7 Pine Island, Gull Rock, Rosie’s Rock, and The Flats are producing heavily as are just about any other structure found. Walleye are still being caught in good numbers in the current of the English River, whether it be upstream or down, but as the year goes on those fish tend to start running a little smaller than the ones being caught on the reefs.

The northern fishing has been phenomenal as well. We have seen several fish 40″+ so far this summer and a LOT between 35-40″. The smallmouth bite had slowed down a bit a few weeks ago, but seems to be picking back up again for those targeting them. I have heard of a lot of nice bass being caught this week.

Lastly, we have received some pretty cool sunrise and shore lunch pictures, especially since the fire ban has been lifted.

Otherwise not too much is new around here. This summer has been the first to really feel “normal” since Covid and it sure is nice to be back into our regular rotation and seeing everyone up here and enjoying our fishing once again. The season is almost halfway done and like usual I can’t believe how fast it goes.