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June 11, 2018. The Walleye are Biting!

Posted on June 11, 2018

Hi All!

Well the weather has finally settled out and started to be consistent, although it’s been very dry. We did some serious temperature bouncing the last week or two, going form the 90’s down to the high 40’s in a matter of days. As of late it has been in the high 80’s and bright and sunny with some decent breezes. The fish are still active despite the hot sun, likely because it has remained fairly windy and there has been a good chop on the lake. The water levels are low for this time of year and are dropping, again because of how dry it is. Hoping for a good night or two of rain to bring the lake up and settle down the dust!

The walleye have been very active anywhere there is current, with the Rock Gardens and the English River producing good numbers of fish and good size as well. Wintering creek is starting to slow as the spawned out fish have moved out of the shallow holes and out into the lake. Points like Red Rock have been doing well in the late evening as well which indicates the fish are starting to move into the lake and into slightly deeper water.

Some groups fished Hut last week and did very well in terms of both numbers and size with some 25″ plus walleye being caught. The Grassy river is still navigable despite the low water, you just have to be careful.

As mentioned in some previous posts we did have to put Bella down this winter and would be getting a new puppy. Well we picked her up two weeks ago on Saturday and she is an adorable addition to the family and the camp. Her name is Cedar and she is Foxred lab, if you come across her in the yard don’t hesitate to do me a favour and tire her out! Just no food and please don’t let her nibble on you, she has needle teeth and we are trying to break her of chewing things that aren’t for her. Thanks for the help!

Here are a couple pics of her.



Also as a reminder and for those who don’t know, Hali’s Brother Tyler will be helping us out this summer so if you see this guy around the yard don’t hesitate to ask him if you need anything!