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June 30, 2019 – Summer is definitely here!

Posted on June 30, 2019

Hi All!

Well as you can probably tell from the title, it has gotten hot. We had a little bit of rain at the beginning of last week but otherwise it is has been hot and sunny every day. Temps are consistently over 80 degrees and there has been little wind, despite it being a windy spring. The big plus side to the warm dry weather is the grass is finally starting to grow a little slower!

The fishing has been very steady despite hot calm days. The walleye are still in current either up or down stream in the English River, and are slowly starting to make their way onto structure. The Rock Gardens and the Rapids have been producing really good numbers of fish, and so has Frank’s Hole, just passed the entrance to the English River heading south.

I haven’t been out too much myself lately, but I have had very good luck this year on my typical set up, a 3/8 oz jig and a minnow. As for Northern, we have seen lots of numbers and some really nice size being produced on spoons and any array of artificial. The best tactics seem to be typical as well, I like to anchor and either jig or cast in the rivers and drift structure if the wind is in my favor.

We haven’t received any monster walleye pics so if anyone has any and wants to forward them on I would appreciate it! In the meantime here is a pic of Brian Jacobsen with a 48″ monster Northern caught last week!

We recently created an Instagram account for the camp, so if you have an account be sure to follow @presslakecamp and use the hashtags #presslake and #presslakecamp on your posts from your stay with us.