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June 6, 2024 – Sorry for the Wait!

Posted on June 6, 2024

Hi All,

Well I need to apologize for taking so long to get an update on here. To say it has been a busy spring would be an understatement. At opener the water level was very low, but during opening week we got hit with a 36 hour storm that produced 4.5″ of rain and wind gusts up to 50 mph. Prior to the storm, temperatures were in the 60’s, but by the end of the 36 hours they were down in the low 30’s and the rain turned to snow. Fortunately all of that rain (and the rain that has followed since) was enough to fill the lake back up and I would say we are at about a normal water level currently. For the first two weeks of our season we were puling the docks up nearly daily, and twice already we have had to have the entire camp pull all their boats due to potential storms. Fortunately we haven’t had any major damage and have been able to get everything back together and up and running.

The fishing has been strange so far this year on account of the constantly changing weather and water levels. Generally speaking it has been really good, the fish just aren’t where they would normally be found this time of year, and it is taking groups the first couple of days to locate them. Once found, numbers have been really good and we are still hearing very consistently that groups are pulling out great numbers of walleye over 20″. Lots of fish are being caught in the English river whether it be upstream towards the Old Bridge or down stream toward the Rock Gardens. The Narrows is still producing some fish as are your standard windblown points, rocky shorelines, and weed edges in depths ranging from 6-10′. We haven’t seen any huge walleye yet this season but have seen lots in that 25-27″ range. As usual in the spring and early summer we have seen very good numbers of northern 40″ plus being caught weekly. If your trip is nearing, I would expect to take a couple days to find the fish and don’t be afraid to try spots a little different from where you would normally fish. It’s always good to learn some new spots and to do a little exploring anyway.

We have the second Wi-Fi system up and running, and have internet access available in all cabins now. Needless to say that has been very well received! Starlink has really changed the game for those of us who live remotely and need fast reliable internet service. The new upgraded boat and motor packages have been in high demand as well, and have been highly regarded by those who have ran them so far. Having a slightly wider, more feature rich boat and a more capable motor has been very popular. And the gas savings with the 4 strokes is more significant than I would have expected.

The road was pretty rough at opener but the local logging company actually got a grader on it for us last week. The operator was fantastic and did a great job and the road has been improved significantly. Of course it is still a remote old logging road and will always have some potholes etc. but it is leaps and bounds better than it was. Everyone who has come in since the work was done has been raving about how good it is!

Well I think that’s all for now! Now that we are open and getting over these big storms and back to our usual operating routine I am hoping o get updates on here a little more frequently and to get my hunting journal from last fall finished for those who have been interested and following along.