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May 15, 2020 – No New Concrete Info, But Some Insight

Posted on May 15, 2020

Hi All,

I’m currently writing this while looking at the lake over a bunch of cabins that are normally buzzing with guests getting ready for opening day. This morning there is no buzzing or activity whatsoever, and it is definitely a strange sight. This is the first time in our 32 years of business we won’t be able to open for the opener. Admittedly there is a certain peace and serenity to seeing the place totally empty, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to see groups of anxious fisherman excited to get on the water.

We have been out at camp since last Friday, beginning our usual spring preparations. We had a cold and late spring this year so were later than normal getting in as there was still lots of snow on the road. Everything out here looks like it wintered really well though, and there isn’t any damage which is very nice to see. The water levels are extremely low this spring, and most of our docks are completely out of the water. It seems every spring poses a new challenge to overcome, and we are hoping the water will come up over the next week or so to help us resolve this one.

The weather over the last week has been unseasonably cool and windy. Most days have felt more like October than May, with temps around 40-45 during the day and dipping well below freezing at night. The wind has seemed to blow out over the last couple days though, and there is sun and warmth on the horizon. It will be nice to not have to worry about leaving water running overnight anymore.

Now for the information you are here for:

We are still yet to receive any sort of timeline as to when we may be able to open back up, or when the border will be open. However, there have been a few changes and I’ll detail them the best I can below.

Ontario’s declaration of emergency has been extended until June 2. This means that there is a fire ban in place, crown land camping is prohibited, car pooling is prohibited, no gatherings of 5 or more people, or any organized events, etc. We are allowed to go out and fish (thank god!), but everyone in the boat must be from the same household, and enforcement has the right to check your id’s and lay fines.

Ontario has begun allowing some businesses to open back up. You may have heard or read that golf courses, campgrounds, marinas, and some stores are now able to open. Although this sounds promising, all services offered by these businesses are severely modified and certain criteria need to be met in order to open. As of right now the only services campgrounds can offer is to allow “guests with seasonal contracts” access to their campers or vehicles. So until things progress further, we are still unable to open or provide any services. This is however a step in the right direction, and hopefully there will be no spike in Covid cases as a result, and we can keep rolling out the economy.

As for the border closure, the date is still tentatively set for May 21, but is expected to be extended another month until June 21. This decision has not been officially made, but Trudeau has publicly stated that our government is in communications with yours as well as Homeland Security, and that our interests are in extending the closure. It was also said that talks were “going well” for extending the closure, so I would expect that to become a reality. There is still a week for them to officially make a decision, and once I hear more I will be sure to get another post up on here. Some information on this can be found at the following link:

Canada, U.S. working on extending border closure agreement until June 21: official

In the meantime, we aren’t officially cancelling any weeks past opener, but an awful lot would need to happen in the next 7 days for us to be allowed to open. I would expect to see us closed for another month or so anyway, but nothing is certain. I will update the blog again early next week, hopefully with some more information, and will immediately begin contacting potentially effected guests then as well.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, hopefully this is all over soon.