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May 22, 2018

Posted on May 22, 2018

Well opening weekend has come and gone and after a cold rainy day on Friday the weather has turned beautiful. Hot sunny days with a bit of a walleye chop to keep the blazing heat down have produced some nice fish. So far the fishing has been a little spotty (I’m attributing this to a late spring) but once found the walleye are in large numbers. We have seen a number of nice bass and pike as well, although no record setters.

Fishing spots are typical for this time of year with Wintering creek, the narrows, and the English river towards the old bridge producing lots of fish. The rock gardens haven’t produced well yet but should be within the week as the water is warming up and the fish should be coming out of their spawning grounds.

The weather forecast is nice until the weekend when we will have some rain, and then nice again through the end of next week with temps hitting the 80’s. The water levels are low for this time of year but getting into Hut and getting down the Wintering creek towards Rice Lake are both possible.

I had a handful of friends out and a bit of a party for opening weekend since it’s both a long weekend up here and my birthday. We didn’t get many Walleye pics but here are a couple from our weekend!