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May 24, 2019 – Recap of Opening Week

Posted on May 24, 2019

Hi All,

Well opening week has come and is almost gone, and produced some mixed results. I’ll start with a recap of the weather and then talk about the fishing. The week started with a cold, clear, and windy opening weekend. Temps during the day didn’t get much past 55 and at night were just below freezing. Water temps were anywhere from 45-50 degrees, and we were pushing probably 20-30 Mph winds. After the weekend the wind died down and the weather warmed up a little but not enough to really warm up the water, likely because of a lot of over cast. We had a couple days of rain later in the week as well. Looking forward it is supposed to clear up and warm up, this will hopefully warm the water up a little.

The fishing was very tough all week. I believe this is because of colder weather and water temps, and a late spawn. The walleye were scattered and there were long lags between bites. When found they could be caught by staying around where they were and being patient. Most fish were caught in Wintering Creek, The Narrows, or the English River towards the Old Bridge.

The bite was extremely light as well. They should become very active as the water warms up as they need to feed to recover from the spawn. I have been speaking to some friends and it’s the same story all over the area, regardless of which lake. The water is just too damn cold!

Hopefully in the coming week the fishing will turn around!

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