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May 9, 2018

Posted on May 9, 2018

Hello all!

Well spring has finally sprung! After a couple weeks of nice warm days we officially have open water. Hali’s brother Tyler (who is working for us this summer) and I came into camp briefly last week to find the ice just starting to pull away from shore. We left for the weekend and got back this morning to find that the lake is totally open; we won’t even need ice augers for opening week. The water levels are currently quite low but are coming up daily. Hard to say where we will be at opener but I don’t think it will be too low.

Things at camp seemed to have wintered really well! The docks fared well, especially since we wised up enough to anchor the shore ends for the winter in case the water levels rose. The road is in pretty good shape thanks to the late season grading last summer, there isn’t even an overwhelming amount of brush to be cut. The camp looks to be in very good shape and we are getting excited for opening weekend.

More info to come as opener approaches but it looks to be a very promising spring. As for right now I’m back off to work as we have to have an open camp in 10 days!