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November 19, 2018

Posted on November 19, 2018

Hello all!

I would like to start off by giving a big thank you to everyone who chose to vacation with us this year! We appreciate everyone’s years of loyalty as it lets us continue to do what we love.

This was a more difficult fall than normal, unseasonably early cold weather and snow led to a lot of troubles with our water lines. Nothing we couldn’t get through but it certainly made things more difficult. Thank you to all who pitched in to get the cabins up and running when they were frozen up tight. We aren’t used to seeing temps in the low 20’s F that early in October.


With the cold weather came some spotty fishing. The walleye were spaced out but with enough patience nice numbers and very nice size was still produced. If found schooled up, the numbers were really good! The Smallmouth were abundant on the reefs and some really nice size was produced if you could stand the wind while trying to fish the reefs. Here is a 19.5″ I caught towards the end of the season.


We had a very successful moose hunt this fall! There were 5 tags in camp total and all 5 got filled. Scott Kelvin and his group were able to fill the only archery tag (cow) in camp mid week of their stay. The remaining 4 tags (1 bull, 3 cows) were all filled during opening week of the season with all but one tag being filled on opening day. I wasn’t on the ball with pictures this fall but here are a few pics of my group and the bull we got. It measured at 52″ and the 4 quarters weighed 789 pounds!


Cedar is doing great and adjusting to life away from camp, although she does not love not being able to run free whenever she wants. Lots of walks off leash through some local trails keep her from going too crazy. she is almost 8 months now and weighs about 55 pounds. Here is a pic of her after her spay a few weeks ago.


So far since coming home from camp I have been busy getting moved back into my house in town. Spending lots of time going through all the junk I have collected over the years and getting rid of a lot of it. I should be getting some more work up North again in the weeks coming. I won’t be doing as much coaching as I have in the past as I cant really commit to the team with a very sporadic work schedule in the winter. I will be at the school cheering during the home games though! Mom has been busy as usual with all of her volunteering at the church and the used clothing store in town. She is also active in the local Legion and was a major part of this years Remembrance Day celebrations. She has begun work back at the grocery store cutting meat 2 days a week again and is enjoying being back!

Lastly I would like to give a big thank you to all the staff we had this year! This summer wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Tyler and Colleen working their butts off! And of course Gwen and all of our part time cleaning staff including Al, Yvonne, and Sandy. Sadly Tyler will not be with us next year as he is getting married this winter and will be moving to Toronto. We knew that when we hired him but he will be greatly missed going forward!


Thanks again everyone! I will try to keep the blog updated with my winter shenanigans!