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October 6, 2018 – Rain and Snow

Hi All,

Well Fall is definitely here. Over the last couple weeks the temperatures have dropped to close to freezing, dipping below freezing at night. Lots of rain, occasionally becoming snow, has brought the water levels up by about a foot. The lake is still low but a lot closer to where it should be.

The fish are still deep and schooled up. Walleye are being caught in 25-30 feet of water and can be tough to find, but once found there are usually a bunch running together. This time of year seems to always produce a steady supply of thicker walleye. The Smallmouth have moved up onto the tops of the reefs in 14-18 feet of water and can be caught in an abundance on a jig and a minnow or anything that looks like a Crayfish.

For those that were here during construction, our pole barn is complete. We had two local contractors build us a 20 by 40 poll barn where our garden used to be. It only took them about two weeks and they got it up! It looks great and is going to give us a lot of extra space to store things. Next spring I plan on moving ahead with the demolition of the shed beside the lodge and will be building a 40 by 40 workshop there. It will be nice to have adequate space to store things and to work, and we will be able to clean the yard up and store a lot more under a roof.

Here are a few pics of the barn:


Our not-so-little puppy turned 6 months on October 2nd. Cedar is about 45 pounds now and spunky as hell! Absolutely loves retrieving and rough housing.



2018 Vacancies – Updated August 27

We are full until Sept. 22, but after that have availability every week until Oct. 13.

Email or call if you are interested in the weeks above.  From September 1st on we will take any number of people for any number of days for $50 dollars per night per person.

The new camp email address is

We are working at separating the camp from our personal lives and one step is giving Barbara a personal email address. From now on, Hali and/or Ryan will answer all business emails.

If anyone wants to talk to Barbara, her address is

August 27, 2018 – The Water is Low!

Hi Everyone,

Well, like the title says the water is low. Probably the lowest I have ever seen it in my life here. The Narrows are still navigable, and I haven't heard about the Rock Gardens but I don't think I would try it. Rain has been scarce this summer to say the least, I would say we have got less than 6 inches all summer. We are in a fire ban now and almost every morning you can see thick smoke over the lake. The fires aren't near us but the smoke is really blowing in.

Caution needs to be taken near reefs that you can usually drive right over. They are near the surface enough that hitting them is a concern, as I learned in my new boat.


Luckily I only hit the scag, prop is fine and not leaking any oil. Not bad for 35 MPH.

Despite the low water the fish are biting really well. The usual for this time of year, they are concentrated on the reefs with depths as deep as 26 feet producing walleye. I like to drift the reefs whenever possible as the moving presentation seems to stir up the active fish. Also, if I drift a reef a couple times and don't get any fish I usually move on to the next one. It seems if they aren't hitting on one reef it's not worth wasting your time, move on. I have been fishing with the usual jig and minnow but have heard bottom bouncers with crawlers are working as well.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Hali and I split up and are not getting married this fall. For personal reasons Hali decided this wasn't the life for her and will be no longer with us. This won't change much around camp, except that I spend a little more of my time doing paperwork and a little less out in the yard. We all wish her the best of luck!

Lastly, here is a nice sunset pic from my annual Rush Lake trip with friends!



July 12, 2018

Hello all!

Sorry for the long lapses between posts, we get busy and I get forgetful. Don't ever hesitate to remind me to do an update either in person or by email.

The weather was hot and dry all through June with little to no rain at all. The water levels diminished a bit and levelled out probably 2 feet lower than normal for this time of year. Since the beginning of July we have had a handful of small rains and two that broke 1 inch, which hasn't brought the lake up but has held it where it is. Despite the low water it is still possible to get into Hut and to traverse the Narrows and the Rock Gardens. The forecasted weather for the next week or so shows little to no rain and temps in the 80's and 90's, let's hope for a little rain to keep the lake up.

The fishing has stayed consistent despite the warm bright days and high temps. The walleye are a little harder to find than normal but are concentrated once found with the best time of day the mornings and evenings when it isn't quite so hot and bright. Lots of high numbers coming from the Rock Gardens and Rapids although they seem to be rather small. The larger ones are starting to move to the reefs out in the lake and can be caught drifting a jig and your favourite bait up the windblown side. When reef fishing like that I recommend moving quickly from spot to spot if they aren't biting, it seems they are either feeding on a reef or they aren't there at all.

Resolute, the local logging company, has been generous enough to grade the road for us this week. Hopefully when the operator is done the road will be relatively smooth again and will hold up well for another year to come.

We are hoping to have a little bit of excavation done around the yard and are planning on building a 20 by 40 pole barn where our garden used to be and will be building a 40 by 40 shop beside our lodge where our current shed is. We have hired a local retired contractor to do the work for us and we are hoping to begin in August. If all goes well we would love to hire him next summer to start doing some renovations in the cabins whenever we can.



June 11, 2018. The Walleye are Biting!

Hi All!

Well the weather has finally settled out and started to be consistent, although it's been very dry. We did some serious temperature bouncing the last week or two, going form the 90's down to the high 40's in a matter of days. As of late it has been in the high 80's and bright and sunny with some decent breezes. The fish are still active despite the hot sun, likely because it has remained fairly windy and there has been a good chop on the lake. The water levels are low for this time of year and are dropping, again because of how dry it is. Hoping for a good night or two of rain to bring the lake up and settle down the dust!

The walleye have been very active anywhere there is current, with the Rock Gardens and the English River producing good numbers of fish and good size as well. Wintering creek is starting to slow as the spawned out fish have moved out of the shallow holes and out into the lake. Points like Red Rock have been doing well in the late evening as well which indicates the fish are starting to move into the lake and into slightly deeper water.

Some groups fished Hut last week and did very well in terms of both numbers and size with some 25" plus walleye being caught. The Grassy river is still navigable despite the low water, you just have to be careful.

As mentioned in some previous posts we did have to put Bella down this winter and would be getting a new puppy. Well we picked her up two weeks ago on Saturday and she is an adorable addition to the family and the camp. Her name is Cedar and she is Foxred lab, if you come across her in the yard don't hesitate to do me a favour and tire her out! Just no food and please don't let her nibble on you, she has needle teeth and we are trying to break her of chewing things that aren't for her. Thanks for the help!

Here are a couple pics of her.



Also as a reminder and for those who don't know, Hali's Brother Tyler will be helping us out this summer so if you see this guy around the yard don't hesitate to ask him if you need anything!




May 22, 2018

Well opening weekend has come and gone and after a cold rainy day on Friday the weather has turned beautiful. Hot sunny days with a bit of a walleye chop to keep the blazing heat down have produced some nice fish. So far the fishing has been a little spotty (I'm attributing this to a late spring) but once found the walleye are in large numbers. We have seen a number of nice bass and pike as well, although no record setters.

Fishing spots are typical for this time of year with Wintering creek, the narrows, and the English river towards the old bridge producing lots of fish. The rock gardens haven't produced well yet but should be within the week as the water is warming up and the fish should be coming out of their spawning grounds.

The weather forecast is nice until the weekend when we will have some rain, and then nice again through the end of next week with temps hitting the 80's. The water levels are low for this time of year but getting into Hut and getting down the Wintering creek towards Rice Lake are both possible.

I had a handful of friends out and a bit of a party for opening weekend since it's both a long weekend up here and my birthday. We didn't get many Walleye pics but here are a couple from our weekend!


May 9, 2018

Hello all!

Well spring has finally sprung! After a couple weeks of nice warm days we officially have open water. Hali's brother Tyler (who is working for us this summer) and I came into camp briefly last week to find the ice just starting to pull away from shore. We left for the weekend and got back this morning to find that the lake is totally open; we won't even need ice augers for opening week. The water levels are currently quite low but are coming up daily. Hard to say where we will be at opener but I don't think it will be too low.

Things at camp seemed to have wintered really well! The docks fared well, especially since we wised up enough to anchor the shore ends for the winter in case the water levels rose. The road is in pretty good shape thanks to the late season grading last summer, there isn't even an overwhelming amount of brush to be cut. The camp looks to be in very good shape and we are getting excited for opening weekend.

More info to come as opener approaches but it looks to be a very promising spring. As for right now I'm back off to work as we have to have an open camp in 10 days!



April 13, 2018

Hi all,

Sorry for another long hiatus but I got some more work up North and was gone for a while. The same sort of stuff, working on water and waste water treatment systems on some very northern reservations. This time we had two large water filters that were leaking and needed to be patched. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to travel by ice roads that far north.

As for around home the temperatures are finally warming up to just above freezing during the day but are plummeting down into the 20's during the night. We are starting to lose a bit of snow but not very quickly, and there is still 3.5-4 feet of ice on the lakes. Currently the walleye are staged up near river mouths getting ready to spawn which makes ice fishing this time of year a lot of fun. I was out with a large group last night and we did very well, 9 of us returned only 2 fish shy of limit. We also threw back as many fish as we caught that were all large females over the slot. It sure is a lot of fun catching them this time of year.

We haven't been up to check the condition of the road yet this winter but I'm guessing it's going to be a while before it thaws out enough for us to get into camp. We are definitely hoping things start melting soon so we can get in and get to work!

This weekend Hali and I are going to Winnipeg to do a supply run at Costco, and to go meet our new puppy! We put a deposit down on a litter of Redfox Labs near the end of March and they were born in early April. We have first pick of the litter since we were the first ones to get a deposit in so we are going to meet the litter and hopefully pick which puppy we are going to take home once they are old enough. We have decided we want another female and although we still miss Bella very much we are looking forward to having a wagging tail around the house and camp again.

I will try to keep updating the blog frequently, especially once we get into camp.


March 19, 2018

Hi all, back from a bit of a hectic hiatus. Towards the end of February I applied for a part time job supply teaching at the school, just a little something to keep me busy in the winter. I got the job and have been teaching periodically when the school is short staffed, as well as helping out coaching basketball and badminton. It has been a very different experience compared to what I'm used to but it has been a lot of fun.

While I was in my first week of teaching, we received some bad news. I took Bella to the vet for an eye infection on a Monday and while we were there the vet examined a lump I had found on her back as well. It turned out she had cancer and it seemed to be spreading pretty fast. We put her on steroids to keep her comfortable and slow down the cancer but unfortunately that Friday we had to put her down. We are heartbroken as I'm sure you will all be as well, but she had an excellent life chasing squirrels around camp and getting love from each and every one of our guests. As her last week progressed she was starting to go downhill so it was sad to see her go but we were relieved she was no longer suffering.

On a more positive note, last weekend I went to Baudette, Minnesota with some friends for my bachelor party. We stayed at The Sportsman Lodge to do a 3 night 2 day ice fishing trip. We had an absolute blast and the staff at Sportsman were very welcoming and helpful. We were there in a kind of limbo for ice fishing as the walleye were moving off the reefs but not quite staged up yet, so fishing was sporadic. 5 of us caught 10 fish the first day keeping 5, and the second day we caught around 30 fish and kept 11. The size was near the smaller end but great numbers and we had a ton of fun. It was interesting to be on the other side of a tourism operation and to not have to worry about anything.

Lastly, I got picked up for some part time work by a local guy who travels doing water treatment at various northern  Native Reservations. Hali's brother Tyler was already working for him part time and they needed another guy so I got some work. Last week Tyler and I drove about 30 miles shy of as far north as you can drive in Ontario to deliver supplies to 2 different communities. We were travelling on ice roads across frozen swamps and lakes and went about 500 miles north of Ignace. The round trip took 3 very long days as the roads are beginning to deteriorate. We blew a tire on our trailer as well as got our whole rig stuck for about 3 hours. We had a 3/4 ton pick up towing a twin axle 16 foot trailer loaded down pretty heavy. The roads were so rough at one point it took 5 hours to drive 60 miles.

All in all it was a really good experience and we had a lot of fun. Although a few things went wrong and we ended up banging up the trailer pretty good we completed the trip and got all of the gear dropped off without anything serious happening. It looks like I will have some more work going with them in the next few weeks as well as there is a lot of work to be finished repairing some water treatment plants and sewage plants. We will be flying in now though to save time and wear and tear. Usually the company does fly in but this time we drove as we had about 3 tons of materials to bring up and it would cost too much to fly it all in.

The weather is starting to warm up pretty significantly and we are losing a lot of snow. Ice levels are still really high but I'm hoping the road to camp will melt off and dry out and we can get into camp early. I will be sure to keep everyone updates.


February 27, 2018

Well the weather up here has warmed up a bit which has been a pleasant change. It's been sitting just a couple degrees below freezing by the afternoon most days which is making for some enjoyable fishing. We have got about 10"-12" of snow since my last post, with more in the forecast for early next week.

I went to Bell lake on the weekend with a couple friends and we did very well. Its a fun lake because you can fish trout and walleye within a few miles. We ended up catching a 4 trout, 7 walleye, and I caught a pretty big northern. Measured in at 37" but was probably close to 20 pounds!


Other than that, Mom is in mexico and judging from the couple of pictures I have seen she is having a great time! The weather has been warm here, but I'm sure it is a lot warmer there.

February 20, 2018

First of all, sorry for the long delay between posts. We are still figuring out the new site, but have made a lot of progress and I hope to start posting at least weekly!


The weather has been sporadic here this year but the one theme that stands out is COLD! We have had warmer days thrown in the mix but generally it has been very cold and very windy. Snowfall is a little lower than average but the forecast is calling for more so we may catch up to seasonal averages. It's hard to say right now, but based on the high water levels last fall and decent snowfall this winter, we should have high water in the spring.


Ice fishing has remained good all winter. In February the trout fishing slows down at my ice hut on Paguchi, which gives us a reason to travel to some other lakes. The lake trout remain hungry in other lakes so we target those as well as walleye and brook trout. There is no shortage of water around us so we try to explore new lakes as we can.


This past weekend was the annual Poker Run. A snow machine ride from Ignace to the White Otter Castle and back. We attended and had a great time. The weather was beautiful for the 60 mile ride, and over 120 riders attended.



Our Christmas mail out is finished and sent out thanks to help from Mom, Hali's mom Yvonne, and Colleen. Hopefully everyone gets a calendar, and if not please do not hesitate to email us your mailing address and we will send one your way.


A friend of mine who works for the MNRF flew over camp a few days ago and took this pic for us. Looks like everything at camp is wintering well.



We hope everyone is doing well and staying warm this winter!




Date: December 29, 2018

Our new website is up and running and we couldn't be happier! In the past, it has been very complicated for us to update the website and felt almost impossible to upload new pictures so a lot of our attention has went to the Facebook page. With our new system, we will be able to post new fishing pictures every week and keep you updated regarding where the fish are biting and whats happening around the camp!

Another Christmas has come and gone but that means that ice fishing season is almost here! We spent our Christmas in Ignace this year and that seems to be our new Christmas tradition. We spend Christmas Eve at Hali's parents' house, Christmas Day at our house with both sets of parents, and we spend Boxing Day at Barbara's. We spent one Christmas in Florida with Gerry and agreed that it didn't really feel like Christmas - I think it had something to do with the fact that it wasn't -40 outside! Now that the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is over, we will spend the weekend getting Gerry's ice hut out onto Paguchi Lake and ready for opening day on January 1st!

I ordered our annual calendars this morning and they should be ready early next week - I guess it is time to break the news to our families that its almost time for another envelope stuffing date night! Usually if we provide food and drinks they don't complain - too much! :)

We hope that you have all had a very merry Christmas and have a wonderful start to the new year!