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September 17, 2019 – Strange weather and a some spotty fishing

Hi All!

Well, as the title suggests, we have had some strange weather. The first two weeks of the month were cool with temps in the high 50's and mid 60's, lots of wind, and what seemed to be a never ending drizzle. The most rain we got in any 24 hour period was just over an inch, but we probably got 4-5 inches over the two weeks. Since the rain has stopped and the sun is back out, the temps have gone back up into the 80's! There is a little more rain and cool weather ahead though, according to the forecast anyway.

The fishing was a little difficult during the poor weather, which had a lot to do with the constant wind. It was very difficult to hold on any of the humps or to not be drifting too fast. The walleye are still on the humps but seem to be spotty. You can find an active reef and after a few fish they seem to spook out or aren't active anymore and you need to move on to the next school. That being said, good numbers and good size are still being produced, it is just taking a little more work. I haven't heard any consistent numbers regarding their depth, and haven't been out in a couple weeks myself to find out. The little intel I have heard is that they don't seem to be at one specific depth, making drifting the reefs the best option as you can fish the whole range.

Duck Season opened on the 10th so Cedar and I went out for her first hunt! After using the first couple opportunities to knock down birds as target practice, I dropped a lone mallard that cupped into the decoys. I sent Cedar out to retrieve it and after giving the bird a good sniff she continued to swim around looking for her duck dummy. I waded out into the water, grabbed the duck, and tossed it about 10 feet. Cedar immediately swam over and grabbed the duck and brought it back to shore. That was all it took for her to figure out duck hunting as I got two birds out of the next flock and she located and retrieved both of them!

On the second bird of the double, Cedar got tangled in a decoy on her way back to shore. She dropped the bird on shore as I untangled the decoy and waded out to throw it back into my spread. While we had our backs turned, the second duck she retrieved decided it was time to quit playing dead and flew off into the woods just as I was turning back around. He was totally limp playing dead the entire time she had him in her mouth, and at the first sight of opportunity he was out of there! I ended up getting one more bird so we came home with 3 nice ducks! It was a great hunt with my new partner!


Our new shop is finished and I have most of my tools and spare parts moved back in and put away. Just a little more cleaning to do in the pole barn and we will be all set. It is so nice finally having adequate storage and space to work on things, especially when it is raining!

I will try to get some more fishing info up if I hear anything, and I'm hoping to get out soon myself!



Vacancies – Updated September 4

The cabins we have available for 2019 are:

August 17 on there is availability every week, with the exception of the week of September 7 - 14.

Current vacancies for 2020:

May 16 - 23 - 1 Cabin

May 23 - 30 - 2 Cabins

August 1 on there are cabins open every week

Email or call if you are interested in the weeks above.  From September 1st on we will take any number of people for any number of days for $50 dollars per night per person.

The new camp email address is

We are working at separating the camp from our personal lives and one step is giving Barbara a personal email address. From now on, Ryan will answer all business emails.

If anyone wants to talk to Barbara, her address is

August 27, 2019 – Starting to feel like fall!

Hi All,

Well for the last couple of days the temperatures have dipped into the 50 to 60 range and the weather has been a rainy and windy. This was especially unfortunate for me yesterday as I had an appointment in Dryden to take my final motorcycle road test and had to drive there in the rain. We have a very complicated graduated licensing system in Ontario that means a written test, followed by another written test and a road test, and then a final road test. Well after having my license for 5 years I am finally done the last road test and have my full license. I rode over with a lady from town who also had her test, and fortunately the rain held off for most of the ride there and for our tests, but it did rain pretty good on the ride home. I have nothing but great things to say about Cabela's Guidewear rain suits, as that is what I wore over my leather and despite not having a windshield on the bike, was bone dry when we got home.

As for the fishing, the walleye are actively feeding on the reefs, but seem to be scattered. Occasional schools can be found feeding and large numbers are produced when they are, but it takes jumping from spot to spot quite a bit to find them. In the meantime it seems a couple walleye are caught at every location, and that is about it. I was at the Rapids at the north end of the lake last week and we were able to produce some really good numbers! Most were smaller in the 13-15" range but a number of 16-20" fish were also caught with a couple exceeding that. I also lost about a 24-25" right at the side of the boat. It was definitely a fun day.

The new shop beside the lodge is just about finished! All but the finishing work on the two rooms inside is complete, and I have been able to start moving my tools and spare parts back in and getting organized. Having room to work and lots of shelf space has been absolutely AMAZING! I am thrilled to have the new shop already, and it has only been a week or so. I haven't been great with progress pics so I will post some on here of the start to finish build.


If you need me, I'll be in my shop!



August 7, 2019 – The walleye are finally, and slowly, moving onto the reefs

Hi All!

It seems as though the walleye are finally starting to work their way out of the shallow weed edges and onto the reefs. They are still scattered on the reefs but can be marked in large numbers, with quite a few suspended in the deep water adjacent to the reefs, and some caught sporadically on top. It seems as though they aren't totally feeding in these locations yet, but should start soon.

I was fishing with some friends on Sunday and we found a couple of active schools and caught some pretty good numbers. We were fishing all of the humps around Red Rock. I was out again on Monday guiding some new guests and whenever we would pull up to a spot we would catch 3 or 4 walleye and then that would be it. Once the active ones were caught that spot was dead and onto the next. We managed to catch an alright number of fish with some decent size, the biggest being 19.5". On Monday we went all over the lake from Gull Rock down to 7-70, and seemed to mark and catch a few fish on every hump we stopped at.

The weather has been relatively cool thus far. We have had some really hot spells, but they don't normally last more than a day or two and it still cools off at night. It has made sleeping very nice! We haven't had a lot of rain, but it has been enough to keep the water levels normal. Getting through the narrows is easy, and I have not heard any news on getting into Hut in the last two weeks. I imagine it is still very manageable though.

The new workshop beside the lodge is really coming along! The roof is up with the tin on, and the doors and windows are all in. The guys expect to start siding the walls this week and then it is just a matter of finishing up the inside! To say the least I am very excited to have adequate storage and a place to work on rainy days. I haven't been taking as many progress pics as I should, but the carpenters have, so I will get some from them and get them up online for all to see.



July 11, 2019 – Smokey!

Hi All!

Well, the materials for our new shed have arrived, and my carpenters should be here to start the build on Monday. A little later than expected, but everything this far in the bush takes more time than one thinks. At least progress is being made and we can start building. I can't wait to have a functional work and storage space!

The weather has been pretty typical, the hot days pushing 85-90 degrees, but still cooling off nicely at night. We had some much needed rain over the last two days. Despite all the rain in the States, it has been pretty dry up here. So dry in fact there are number of forest fires north of Red Lake and in Manitoba and we have been getting quite a bit of the smoke drifting in to camp. Some morning its like a heavy fog and it's difficult to see across the lake.

Despite not seeing a lot of rain, the water level has been holding fairly well. I would say it is about average for this time of year, and the bit of rain we just got should help hold it for at least a little while. The fishing has been good, but spotty. When found schooled up, the walleye are being caught as quickly as you can get your bait in the water. However it can take a little work to find these big schools as they seem to be in non typical locations. I heard reports from this week of some groups doing exceptionally well in 9' of water still, when usually they would be a little deeper by now. It seems that the reefs are just starting to become active as well. I have fished some of the bigger ones over the last couple weeks and they are just starting to be found on the tops, another week or so and I think they will be producing some really nice numbers of fish.

Here are a couple pics I took from a little fishing I did with my trusted side kick earlier in the week:

As you can see, she sleeps on the job!



June 30, 2019 – Summer is definitely here!

Hi All!

Well as you can probably tell from the title, it has gotten hot. We had a little bit of rain at the beginning of last week but otherwise it is has been hot and sunny every day. Temps are consistently over 80 degrees and there has been little wind, despite it being a windy spring. The big plus side to the warm dry weather is the grass is finally starting to grow a little slower!

The fishing has been very steady despite hot calm days. The walleye are still in current either up or down stream in the English River, and are slowly starting to make their way onto structure. The Rock Gardens and the Rapids have been producing really good numbers of fish, and so has Frank's Hole, just passed the entrance to the English River heading south.

I haven't been out too much myself lately, but I have had very good luck this year on my typical set up, a 3/8 oz jig and a minnow. As for Northern, we have seen lots of numbers and some really nice size being produced on spoons and any array of artificial. The best tactics seem to be typical as well, I like to anchor and either jig or cast in the rivers and drift structure if the wind is in my favor.

We haven't received any monster walleye pics so if anyone has any and wants to forward them on I would appreciate it! In the meantime here is a pic of Brian Jacobsen with a 48" monster Northern caught last week!

We recently created an Instagram account for the camp, so if you have an account be sure to follow @presslakecamp and use the hashtags #presslake and #presslakecamp on your posts from your stay with us.


June 21, 2019

Hi All,

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures since my last update! I appreciate it, and I will be putting them up on the blog and on various Facebook posts to come.

The fishing is back to how it should be. Some days are still slower than others, but generally speaking we are back on track and seeing a lot of nice fish and stringers being caught. The hot spots seem to be about the same as my last post, in the current and off of wind blown points. I have tried fishing a few humps and haven't had too much luck yet, maybe in another week or so.

Tyler was visiting this week to give me a hand with a few jobs and to do a little fishing in the evenings. We shot the rapids at the old bridge and went up to Barrel Falls on Wednesday evening. The bite started out slow, but escalated quickly and we were able to bring home 8 very nice Walleye. Shortly after finding the fish, however, they seemed to stop biting for about 20 minutes. That lull was brought to an end when I caught this 28" monster:

It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun in the few short hours we were out!

The weather has been steadily improving. We haven't had much rain, but the water levels are still average or even a little high. The temperatures have been warming up almost daily and the constant wind seems to be slowing down; it's finally feeling like summer. The only problem with the warmer weather and lack of wind is it is bringing the black flies and mosquitoes out, I would recommend bringing bug spray and a thermacell for the evenings.

We have begun prepping the site for the new shed beside the lodge. In addition to the new pole barn we put up last year, we have demolished and moved our old shed and will be building a 40' by 40' shop that will include a living quarters for future staff. We have the site prep and excavation all completed and are waiting on materials to arrive which should be next week sometime. I am extremely excited to finally have an adequate space to work and store all of my tools and spare parts. It is also a nice relief to get rid of the old eye sore of a shed and get some of the clutter in the yard stored inside and out of sight.

Here are some progress pics of the site prep:



June 12, 2019 – The fishing has improved, the weather is trying.

Hi All!

Well it has definitely been an interesting spring. The fishing for the first two weeks of the season was tough. The fish were scattered and a lot of patience was required between bites. Fortunately the size of the walleye wasn't bad, not a lot of really big fish but quite a few around and just over 18". Northern fishing was the same, slow and not a lot of big ones. The only fish that seemed to be be really active were the small mouth, with quite a few being caught and some really nice ones. The biggest being 22"!

Over the last week and a half however, things have started to look up. Summer is starting to arrive and the water temps are warming up. We are finally seeing numbers in the 60's for surface temps, and the fish are starting to be found in their usual locations. Lots of nice stringers going into the fish house every night, and we had a very nice 40.5" northern caught yesterday! The active spots still seem to be fairly shallow wind blown points, and in the current. The English River both entering and exiting the lake have been performing well, and so have the rock gardens.

The weather has been unseasonably cold and windy. We haven't had a lot of rain, and most days have been pretty clear but the temps have been in the 60's and 70's most days. Over the weekend we had two very hot days in the 90's, and then right back to cool and breezy. It's good sleeping weather but I have seen lots of smoke coming out of the chimneys in the mornings.

I haven't received a single picture of fish from this season yet, so if anyone has any and would like to forward them along I would appreciate it!


May 24, 2019 – Recap of Opening Week

Hi All,

Well opening week has come and is almost gone, and produced some mixed results. I'll start with a recap of the weather and then talk about the fishing. The week started with a cold, clear, and windy opening weekend. Temps during the day didn't get much past 55 and at night were just below freezing. Water temps were anywhere from 45-50 degrees, and we were pushing probably 20-30 Mph winds. After the weekend the wind died down and the weather warmed up a little but not enough to really warm up the water, likely because of a lot of over cast. We had a couple days of rain later in the week as well. Looking forward it is supposed to clear up and warm up, this will hopefully warm the water up a little.

The fishing was very tough all week. I believe this is because of colder weather and water temps, and a late spawn. The walleye were scattered and there were long lags between bites. When found they could be caught by staying around where they were and being patient. Most fish were caught in Wintering Creek, The Narrows, or the English River towards the Old Bridge.

The bite was extremely light as well. They should become very active as the water warms up as they need to feed to recover from the spawn. I have been speaking to some friends and it's the same story all over the area, regardless of which lake. The water is just too damn cold!

Hopefully in the coming week the fishing will turn around!

**Our phone is currently down and we are waiting for a repairman to come out on Monday. If you need to reach us the best way is by email or Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience.**




May 10, 2019 – A Message From Camp!

Hi All,

Well, we are officially living out at camp, minus a couple small things from home we are all moved in. I came in for the day on last Friday to find everything looking pretty good. For the first time ever I didn't have to cut any trees off the road to get in, some brushing needs to be done but compared to other springs it is minimal. The road is in pretty good shape. Some stretches are very good and others not so much. There were some soft spots when we came in so we made a few ruts that I'm hoping to fix before you guys arrive to make the journey a little easier.

Upon arrival Friday the bay in front of camp was still frozen, less about 50 feet or so from shore:

When I came back to camp the next day to spend the weekend, I was surprised to see the ice had left overnight! I stayed for the weekend to begin cleaning the lodge and get things move in ready. I left Monday afternoon to finish up some odds and ends in Ignace, and Mom and I came back out on Wednesday.

Water levels are currently normal but rising. I would expect to see average to even a little high water for opener. The weather has been a little sporadic, some days very warm while others feel like October, cold and rainy. It's still dipping below freezing most nights, but that has been forecasted to change. There is lots of warm weather and some sun in our future.

In the meantime we are busy out here getting everything ready for the arrival of our first guests. If you need to reach us it's best to email or use our summer number, 807 934 6911.

We look forward to seeing everyone and another great season!



May 1st, 2019 – Spring is Here!

Hello All!

Well it has had a few hiccups but it seems spring is finally here. The weather has been very sporadic reaching 60's and 70's some days and then back down to freezing and snow the next. However, almost all of our snow is gone now and most lakes are opening up nicely.

We have not ventured North yet to check out the camp and road conditions, but I plan on heading up for the day Friday. If all goes well, I will be going back on Saturday to stay until at least Monday. I will be sure to update the website and Facebook with any relevant details and road conditions. I am very excited to get out there and see what the winter left us, hopefully no bears in the Main Lodge!

As many of you know I went to Ireland in March for two weeks with a childhood friend of mine. We spent the first 3 days of the trip in Dublin touring the local sights and hitting all the big tourist attractions. Guinness, Jameson's, The Whiskey Museum, to name a few. You can see a pretty common theme here, haha.

After that we spent a week driving around Ireland. We headed South first, and then West to the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher. the countryside and natural landmarks were absolutely stunning! The same with all of the architecture we found along the way. The countless churches and castles we saw were truly breathtaking.

After a week on the road we returned to Dublin for our final 3 days, and St. Patrick's day. They celebrate St. Patrick's day with a huge parade full of mechanical sculptures on floats, dancing, and marching bands. It was an amazing experience to watch but being 2 of the 500 000 people that travel to Dublin for the parade and ensuing parties was a little nuts. Definitely glad to see it all, but we were glad to be away from people after the night was out.

Here are a few pics from the trip:


I will post again soon, hopefully with more information about camp.



March 4, 2019 – Quick Update

Hello All,

Just a quick update. Weather up here has definitely been winter - haha. It has been cold and we have gotten a ton of snow, there shouldn't be any issues with spring run off this year. As for fishing, I haven't done a lot. Between the cold weather and all of the slush on the lakes I have been taking it pretty easy. I will be gone to Ireland as of tomorrow until March 19th, and plan on doing a lot of spring fishing when I get home.

We have officially ordered the calendars and the newsletters and they will be in the mail shortly after I get home, again sorry for the late mail out this year.

I added one vacancy for opening weekend to the vacancies and info page, the dates for that one are May 18-25.

If anyone needs me while I am away please just email or call and I will return all of the messages when I get home!




February 8, 2019 – It Is Cold!

Hello All,

Well, winter has finally decided to arrive. After a large heavy snowfall early in the fall we had quite the warm spell. Not very cold and not a lot of snow until about mid January, since then we have gotten about 2 feet of snow an the temps are averaging -20 to -40 degrees F almost daily. Despite the cold we are still getting snow, I shovelled my driveway 3 times in 2 days earlier this week!

With all of this cold weather I have not been doing a lot of fishing. I have a hut on Paguchi lake (lake trout), which is it's usual home in the winter. Conditions are pretty average out there, the fishing is good through January, slows down in February, and picks up again in March. We were doing pretty well out there in January but the last two weeks or so it has slowed down quite a bit. Going to move onto walleye fishing with my portable hut for the remainder of the month.

Two weekends ago I held the 3rd Annual Gerry Nicholas Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament out at the shack. This year's winner took it home with a beauty 13.6 pound Laker! The weather was absolutely frigid so we didn't have as many fisherman as the last two years but still nice to see friends and family out. Fishing was okay with about 8 trout being caught. Here is the winner:


Mom and I got back from Tyler's wedding mid January. We had an absolute blast, it was a beautiful resort and a gorgeous wedding. Couldn't ask for nicer weather all week, especially the day of the wedding. Around 70 people made the journey, pretty crazy for a destination wedding! Here are a few pics:



As for further vacations, I will be away from Feb. 9-17, and I will be in Ireland for two weeks on Mar. 5-19. If you need to get in touch with me feel free to email or call, and I will get back to you as soon as I get home.

We are very behind on our typical Christmas mail out this year. Do not fret, it is coming. I would like to offer a solid reason as to why it isn't done and mailed yet, but to be honest, it is mainly procrastination - haha. We have started it, and as soon as I get home in a week it will become top priority. Thanks for the patience, this winter is seeming to fly by.

I hope everyone had great holidays and are staying warm!


January 5, 2019 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Firstly we would like to wish everyone who stayed with us in 2018 and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Weather up here has been sporadic at best. The trend has been warm anywhere from 15-30 degrees F. We have had the occasional dip to the more normal temperatures of -25 but they have been short lived. We don't have a lot of snow yet but got close to a foot about 2 weeks ago and that helped. Hopefully we get some more before the end of the year so we have good run off to bring the lake levels back up.

I have been doing a little bit of ice fishing. Two of us went for walleye before Christmas and got our 8 and threw back probably 6 or so. Lake trout season just opened on the 1st and I have been out twice so far. Caught 4 opening day and 2 two days later. A bit of a slow start but we had a radical temp swing in there and I think that's why.

Mom and I are off to Mexico on the 7th for a week to Celebrate Tyler's wedding with him and his family. We are all very excited for it. If you need to reach us, send an email and I will reply as soon as I get home!

Otherwise not too much is new in the North. Mom has been keeping busy with volunteering and cutting meat at the store two days a week again. I have stayed busy with fishing and catching up with friends after being gone for the summer. I will hopefully be back to work doing water treatment in the far North when we get back from the trip to Mexico. In my downtime I plan on spending lots of time on the ice now that trout season is open.

More posts to follow after the trip with some pics! And hopefully more frequent ice fishing updates and pics as well.



November 19, 2018

Hello all!

I would like to start off by giving a big thank you to everyone who chose to vacation with us this year! We appreciate everyone's years of loyalty as it lets us continue to do what we love.

This was a more difficult fall than normal, unseasonably early cold weather and snow led to a lot of troubles with our water lines. Nothing we couldn't get through but it certainly made things more difficult. Thank you to all who pitched in to get the cabins up and running when they were frozen up tight. We aren't used to seeing temps in the low 20's F that early in October.


With the cold weather came some spotty fishing. The walleye were spaced out but with enough patience nice numbers and very nice size was still produced. If found schooled up, the numbers were really good! The Smallmouth were abundant on the reefs and some really nice size was produced if you could stand the wind while trying to fish the reefs. Here is a 19.5" I caught towards the end of the season.


We had a very successful moose hunt this fall! There were 5 tags in camp total and all 5 got filled. Scott Kelvin and his group were able to fill the only archery tag (cow) in camp mid week of their stay. The remaining 4 tags (1 bull, 3 cows) were all filled during opening week of the season with all but one tag being filled on opening day. I wasn't on the ball with pictures this fall but here are a few pics of my group and the bull we got. It measured at 52" and the 4 quarters weighed 789 pounds!


Cedar is doing great and adjusting to life away from camp, although she does not love not being able to run free whenever she wants. Lots of walks off leash through some local trails keep her from going too crazy. she is almost 8 months now and weighs about 55 pounds. Here is a pic of her after her spay a few weeks ago.


So far since coming home from camp I have been busy getting moved back into my house in town. Spending lots of time going through all the junk I have collected over the years and getting rid of a lot of it. I should be getting some more work up North again in the weeks coming. I won't be doing as much coaching as I have in the past as I cant really commit to the team with a very sporadic work schedule in the winter. I will be at the school cheering during the home games though! Mom has been busy as usual with all of her volunteering at the church and the used clothing store in town. She is also active in the local Legion and was a major part of this years Remembrance Day celebrations. She has begun work back at the grocery store cutting meat 2 days a week again and is enjoying being back!

Lastly I would like to give a big thank you to all the staff we had this year! This summer wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for Tyler and Colleen working their butts off! And of course Gwen and all of our part time cleaning staff including Al, Yvonne, and Sandy. Sadly Tyler will not be with us next year as he is getting married this winter and will be moving to Toronto. We knew that when we hired him but he will be greatly missed going forward!


Thanks again everyone! I will try to keep the blog updated with my winter shenanigans!





October 6, 2018 – Rain and Snow

Hi All,

Well Fall is definitely here. Over the last couple weeks the temperatures have dropped to close to freezing, dipping below freezing at night. Lots of rain, occasionally becoming snow, has brought the water levels up by about a foot. The lake is still low but a lot closer to where it should be.

The fish are still deep and schooled up. Walleye are being caught in 25-30 feet of water and can be tough to find, but once found there are usually a bunch running together. This time of year seems to always produce a steady supply of thicker walleye. The Smallmouth have moved up onto the tops of the reefs in 14-18 feet of water and can be caught in an abundance on a jig and a minnow or anything that looks like a Crayfish.

For those that were here during construction, our pole barn is complete. We had two local contractors build us a 20 by 40 poll barn where our garden used to be. It only took them about two weeks and they got it up! It looks great and is going to give us a lot of extra space to store things. Next spring I plan on moving ahead with the demolition of the shed beside the lodge and will be building a 40 by 40 workshop there. It will be nice to have adequate space to store things and to work, and we will be able to clean the yard up and store a lot more under a roof.

Here are a few pics of the barn:


Our not-so-little puppy turned 6 months on October 2nd. Cedar is about 45 pounds now and spunky as hell! Absolutely loves retrieving and rough housing.



August 27, 2018 – The Water is Low!

Hi Everyone,

Well, like the title says the water is low. Probably the lowest I have ever seen it in my life here. The Narrows are still navigable, and I haven't heard about the Rock Gardens but I don't think I would try it. Rain has been scarce this summer to say the least, I would say we have got less than 6 inches all summer. We are in a fire ban now and almost every morning you can see thick smoke over the lake. The fires aren't near us but the smoke is really blowing in.

Caution needs to be taken near reefs that you can usually drive right over. They are near the surface enough that hitting them is a concern, as I learned in my new boat.


Luckily I only hit the scag, prop is fine and not leaking any oil. Not bad for 35 MPH.

Despite the low water the fish are biting really well. The usual for this time of year, they are concentrated on the reefs with depths as deep as 26 feet producing walleye. I like to drift the reefs whenever possible as the moving presentation seems to stir up the active fish. Also, if I drift a reef a couple times and don't get any fish I usually move on to the next one. It seems if they aren't hitting on one reef it's not worth wasting your time, move on. I have been fishing with the usual jig and minnow but have heard bottom bouncers with crawlers are working as well.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Hali and I split up and are not getting married this fall. For personal reasons Hali decided this wasn't the life for her and will be no longer with us. This won't change much around camp, except that I spend a little more of my time doing paperwork and a little less out in the yard. We all wish her the best of luck!

Lastly, here is a nice sunset pic from my annual Rush Lake trip with friends!



July 12, 2018

Hello all!

Sorry for the long lapses between posts, we get busy and I get forgetful. Don't ever hesitate to remind me to do an update either in person or by email.

The weather was hot and dry all through June with little to no rain at all. The water levels diminished a bit and levelled out probably 2 feet lower than normal for this time of year. Since the beginning of July we have had a handful of small rains and two that broke 1 inch, which hasn't brought the lake up but has held it where it is. Despite the low water it is still possible to get into Hut and to traverse the Narrows and the Rock Gardens. The forecasted weather for the next week or so shows little to no rain and temps in the 80's and 90's, let's hope for a little rain to keep the lake up.

The fishing has stayed consistent despite the warm bright days and high temps. The walleye are a little harder to find than normal but are concentrated once found with the best time of day the mornings and evenings when it isn't quite so hot and bright. Lots of high numbers coming from the Rock Gardens and Rapids although they seem to be rather small. The larger ones are starting to move to the reefs out in the lake and can be caught drifting a jig and your favourite bait up the windblown side. When reef fishing like that I recommend moving quickly from spot to spot if they aren't biting, it seems they are either feeding on a reef or they aren't there at all.

Resolute, the local logging company, has been generous enough to grade the road for us this week. Hopefully when the operator is done the road will be relatively smooth again and will hold up well for another year to come.

We are hoping to have a little bit of excavation done around the yard and are planning on building a 20 by 40 pole barn where our garden used to be and will be building a 40 by 40 shop beside our lodge where our current shed is. We have hired a local retired contractor to do the work for us and we are hoping to begin in August. If all goes well we would love to hire him next summer to start doing some renovations in the cabins whenever we can.



June 11, 2018. The Walleye are Biting!

Hi All!

Well the weather has finally settled out and started to be consistent, although it's been very dry. We did some serious temperature bouncing the last week or two, going form the 90's down to the high 40's in a matter of days. As of late it has been in the high 80's and bright and sunny with some decent breezes. The fish are still active despite the hot sun, likely because it has remained fairly windy and there has been a good chop on the lake. The water levels are low for this time of year and are dropping, again because of how dry it is. Hoping for a good night or two of rain to bring the lake up and settle down the dust!

The walleye have been very active anywhere there is current, with the Rock Gardens and the English River producing good numbers of fish and good size as well. Wintering creek is starting to slow as the spawned out fish have moved out of the shallow holes and out into the lake. Points like Red Rock have been doing well in the late evening as well which indicates the fish are starting to move into the lake and into slightly deeper water.

Some groups fished Hut last week and did very well in terms of both numbers and size with some 25" plus walleye being caught. The Grassy river is still navigable despite the low water, you just have to be careful.

As mentioned in some previous posts we did have to put Bella down this winter and would be getting a new puppy. Well we picked her up two weeks ago on Saturday and she is an adorable addition to the family and the camp. Her name is Cedar and she is Foxred lab, if you come across her in the yard don't hesitate to do me a favour and tire her out! Just no food and please don't let her nibble on you, she has needle teeth and we are trying to break her of chewing things that aren't for her. Thanks for the help!

Here are a couple pics of her.



Also as a reminder and for those who don't know, Hali's Brother Tyler will be helping us out this summer so if you see this guy around the yard don't hesitate to ask him if you need anything!




May 22, 2018

Well opening weekend has come and gone and after a cold rainy day on Friday the weather has turned beautiful. Hot sunny days with a bit of a walleye chop to keep the blazing heat down have produced some nice fish. So far the fishing has been a little spotty (I'm attributing this to a late spring) but once found the walleye are in large numbers. We have seen a number of nice bass and pike as well, although no record setters.

Fishing spots are typical for this time of year with Wintering creek, the narrows, and the English river towards the old bridge producing lots of fish. The rock gardens haven't produced well yet but should be within the week as the water is warming up and the fish should be coming out of their spawning grounds.

The weather forecast is nice until the weekend when we will have some rain, and then nice again through the end of next week with temps hitting the 80's. The water levels are low for this time of year but getting into Hut and getting down the Wintering creek towards Rice Lake are both possible.

I had a handful of friends out and a bit of a party for opening weekend since it's both a long weekend up here and my birthday. We didn't get many Walleye pics but here are a couple from our weekend!


May 9, 2018

Hello all!

Well spring has finally sprung! After a couple weeks of nice warm days we officially have open water. Hali's brother Tyler (who is working for us this summer) and I came into camp briefly last week to find the ice just starting to pull away from shore. We left for the weekend and got back this morning to find that the lake is totally open; we won't even need ice augers for opening week. The water levels are currently quite low but are coming up daily. Hard to say where we will be at opener but I don't think it will be too low.

Things at camp seemed to have wintered really well! The docks fared well, especially since we wised up enough to anchor the shore ends for the winter in case the water levels rose. The road is in pretty good shape thanks to the late season grading last summer, there isn't even an overwhelming amount of brush to be cut. The camp looks to be in very good shape and we are getting excited for opening weekend.

More info to come as opener approaches but it looks to be a very promising spring. As for right now I'm back off to work as we have to have an open camp in 10 days!



April 13, 2018

Hi all,

Sorry for another long hiatus but I got some more work up North and was gone for a while. The same sort of stuff, working on water and waste water treatment systems on some very northern reservations. This time we had two large water filters that were leaking and needed to be patched. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to travel by ice roads that far north.

As for around home the temperatures are finally warming up to just above freezing during the day but are plummeting down into the 20's during the night. We are starting to lose a bit of snow but not very quickly, and there is still 3.5-4 feet of ice on the lakes. Currently the walleye are staged up near river mouths getting ready to spawn which makes ice fishing this time of year a lot of fun. I was out with a large group last night and we did very well, 9 of us returned only 2 fish shy of limit. We also threw back as many fish as we caught that were all large females over the slot. It sure is a lot of fun catching them this time of year.

We haven't been up to check the condition of the road yet this winter but I'm guessing it's going to be a while before it thaws out enough for us to get into camp. We are definitely hoping things start melting soon so we can get in and get to work!

This weekend Hali and I are going to Winnipeg to do a supply run at Costco, and to go meet our new puppy! We put a deposit down on a litter of Redfox Labs near the end of March and they were born in early April. We have first pick of the litter since we were the first ones to get a deposit in so we are going to meet the litter and hopefully pick which puppy we are going to take home once they are old enough. We have decided we want another female and although we still miss Bella very much we are looking forward to having a wagging tail around the house and camp again.

I will try to keep updating the blog frequently, especially once we get into camp.


March 19, 2018

Hi all, back from a bit of a hectic hiatus. Towards the end of February I applied for a part time job supply teaching at the school, just a little something to keep me busy in the winter. I got the job and have been teaching periodically when the school is short staffed, as well as helping out coaching basketball and badminton. It has been a very different experience compared to what I'm used to but it has been a lot of fun.

While I was in my first week of teaching, we received some bad news. I took Bella to the vet for an eye infection on a Monday and while we were there the vet examined a lump I had found on her back as well. It turned out she had cancer and it seemed to be spreading pretty fast. We put her on steroids to keep her comfortable and slow down the cancer but unfortunately that Friday we had to put her down. We are heartbroken as I'm sure you will all be as well, but she had an excellent life chasing squirrels around camp and getting love from each and every one of our guests. As her last week progressed she was starting to go downhill so it was sad to see her go but we were relieved she was no longer suffering.

On a more positive note, last weekend I went to Baudette, Minnesota with some friends for my bachelor party. We stayed at The Sportsman Lodge to do a 3 night 2 day ice fishing trip. We had an absolute blast and the staff at Sportsman were very welcoming and helpful. We were there in a kind of limbo for ice fishing as the walleye were moving off the reefs but not quite staged up yet, so fishing was sporadic. 5 of us caught 10 fish the first day keeping 5, and the second day we caught around 30 fish and kept 11. The size was near the smaller end but great numbers and we had a ton of fun. It was interesting to be on the other side of a tourism operation and to not have to worry about anything.

Lastly, I got picked up for some part time work by a local guy who travels doing water treatment at various northern  Native Reservations. Hali's brother Tyler was already working for him part time and they needed another guy so I got some work. Last week Tyler and I drove about 30 miles shy of as far north as you can drive in Ontario to deliver supplies to 2 different communities. We were travelling on ice roads across frozen swamps and lakes and went about 500 miles north of Ignace. The round trip took 3 very long days as the roads are beginning to deteriorate. We blew a tire on our trailer as well as got our whole rig stuck for about 3 hours. We had a 3/4 ton pick up towing a twin axle 16 foot trailer loaded down pretty heavy. The roads were so rough at one point it took 5 hours to drive 60 miles.

All in all it was a really good experience and we had a lot of fun. Although a few things went wrong and we ended up banging up the trailer pretty good we completed the trip and got all of the gear dropped off without anything serious happening. It looks like I will have some more work going with them in the next few weeks as well as there is a lot of work to be finished repairing some water treatment plants and sewage plants. We will be flying in now though to save time and wear and tear. Usually the company does fly in but this time we drove as we had about 3 tons of materials to bring up and it would cost too much to fly it all in.

The weather is starting to warm up pretty significantly and we are losing a lot of snow. Ice levels are still really high but I'm hoping the road to camp will melt off and dry out and we can get into camp early. I will be sure to keep everyone updates.


February 27, 2018

Well the weather up here has warmed up a bit which has been a pleasant change. It's been sitting just a couple degrees below freezing by the afternoon most days which is making for some enjoyable fishing. We have got about 10"-12" of snow since my last post, with more in the forecast for early next week.

I went to Bell lake on the weekend with a couple friends and we did very well. Its a fun lake because you can fish trout and walleye within a few miles. We ended up catching a 4 trout, 7 walleye, and I caught a pretty big northern. Measured in at 37" but was probably close to 20 pounds!


Other than that, Mom is in mexico and judging from the couple of pictures I have seen she is having a great time! The weather has been warm here, but I'm sure it is a lot warmer there.

February 20, 2018

First of all, sorry for the long delay between posts. We are still figuring out the new site, but have made a lot of progress and I hope to start posting at least weekly!


The weather has been sporadic here this year but the one theme that stands out is COLD! We have had warmer days thrown in the mix but generally it has been very cold and very windy. Snowfall is a little lower than average but the forecast is calling for more so we may catch up to seasonal averages. It's hard to say right now, but based on the high water levels last fall and decent snowfall this winter, we should have high water in the spring.


Ice fishing has remained good all winter. In February the trout fishing slows down at my ice hut on Paguchi, which gives us a reason to travel to some other lakes. The lake trout remain hungry in other lakes so we target those as well as walleye and brook trout. There is no shortage of water around us so we try to explore new lakes as we can.


This past weekend was the annual Poker Run. A snow machine ride from Ignace to the White Otter Castle and back. We attended and had a great time. The weather was beautiful for the 60 mile ride, and over 120 riders attended.



Our Christmas mail out is finished and sent out thanks to help from Mom, Hali's mom Yvonne, and Colleen. Hopefully everyone gets a calendar, and if not please do not hesitate to email us your mailing address and we will send one your way.


A friend of mine who works for the MNRF flew over camp a few days ago and took this pic for us. Looks like everything at camp is wintering well.



We hope everyone is doing well and staying warm this winter!